Modifying a Child Custody Order in Connecticut

After receiving a final judgment in a custody case, both parties are required to abide by the court orders. However, if your former partner has stopped adhering to the court order or a life change has made the current arrangement impractical, you may need to consider filing for a post-judgment modification.

Our experienced firm has guided several parents through the process of modifying a child custody order in Connecticut. Reach out to a dedicated child custody attorney today to begin working on your case.

Can Parents Modify a Child Custody Arrangement Without a Court Order?

Co-parents who have a good relationship may be able to make small adjustments to a child custody arrangement without filing for a post-judgment modification. However, the attorneys at Dolan Divorce Lawyers recommend that all changes be entered by the court to protect both parties from potential violations of the original order that otherwise remains in effect until legally modified. If the parents in question have a history of custody disputes, is it strongly advised that any modification be formalized with the court.

Filing a Motion for Modification or Contempt in Connecticut

If there has been a significant change in a circumstance that has made the current child custody order unfeasible, an attorney could help a parent file a motion for modification. Someone might file for a modification if they were offered a new job that required them to move or take on drastically different work hours. It is always best to act quickly in these situations to avoid accidentally violating a court order due to unexpected life events.

Conversely, if one parent is not following the court’s custody order, the other party may file a motion for contempt to hold them accountable for that deviation. For example, if one parent is consistently picking up or dropping off the child late, it may warrant a motion for contempt. Whether the issue developed due to a significant life event or a willing disregard for the court order, an attorney could help a parent file the appropriate motions to modify or uphold the custody order.

Child Custody Issues Voiced by the Child

If a child has an issue with a custody arrangement, they will likely tell one parent. That parent may decide to bring the issue to court, but a judge will never hear the child’s issues directly.

The court may involve a guardian ad litem or family relations officer to meet and interview the child. That party will relay the child’s concerns to the court. After reviewing the information, the court may decide to modify the existing child custody order if it would be in the best interests of the child to do so.

We Can Help Parents Modify a Child Custody Order in Connecticut

If there are problems with your current child custody agreement, seek legal counsel immediately to discuss the issues with the parenting plan. Our firm can advise you on the likelihood of the court approving certain modifications. Additionally, we can advocate for you throughout the process of modifying a child custody order in Connecticut. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and work with a diligent attorney on your case.

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