Once a divorce or final custody judgment designates legal and physical custody orders, including the living arrangements for a party’s children, it can be challenging and stressful for a parent seeking to modify the child custody agreement to navigate the process alone. A family law attorney who has dealt with these cases in the past can help you develop your strongest case to reach your goals.

If you are considering modifying a child custody agreement in Hartford, you may require advice from an experienced attorney who can advocate for you and your child.

Child Custody Factors to Consider and Prepare For

In Hartford, when considering modifying a child custody agreement, there must be a substantial change in circumstances from the time of the entry of the previous order to justify the change. The parent who is filing will need to document exactly why the current orders are not appropriate or are no longer working, as well as how the circumstances have changed.

Additionally, keeping notes, or a custody journal, to record issues that arise with the current parenting plan is advisable. If a modification request is put through, the parent can revert or refer back to their notes, potentially acting as evidence to the court and preventing the other party from undermining the claims. A Hartford attorney can help provide evidence and documentation in support of a child custody modification.

Ensuring Fairness in Custody Modifications

A seasoned attorney can assist the parent in fully understanding the impact of the provisions they are agreeing to, with respect to custody itself. The arrangement for visitation or exchanges of the children between the parties, including holidays, vacation, and the method or process by which parties will be making decisions must also be adequately considered and articulated.

A Hartford lawyer can help ensure the modified parenting plan will have longevity, that it will work and be flexible for both parties as the child gets older, and that every part of the original parenting plan is addressed in the new agreement. If necessary, a skilled lawyer can also serve as a mediator by assisting the parties in trying to resolve the custody dispute. However, a judge must ultimately make a finding that an agreement is in the best interest of the child before entering modified custody orders.

Discuss Your Child Custody Modification with a Hartford Lawyer

Any parent pursuing a child custody modification should consult with a Hartford attorney to understand their rights and what their expectations should be moving forward. Because judges can discard agreements they do not believe are in the best interests of the child, it is essential to prepare a compelling case. An attorney can help parents ensure that they are seeking a reasonable and appropriate arrangement, providing necessary evidence, and following the correct process.

If you are interested in modifying your child custody agreement in Hartford, schedule a consultation today with an experienced attorney to discuss your options to champion your case.

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