Establishing Parenting Time – non divorce

July 7, 2020

I appreciated having Matthew Dolan represent me in my case. Matthew was willing to work around my schedule and speak with me after normal business hours; and I feel that Matthew’s responses actually answered my questions – I’ve felt that other attorneys I consulted with or hired never really answered my questions when they would respond.

Me, being emotionally vested in my case, would have liked for a more aggressive approach, but I was not misguided in trusting Matthew’s wisdom and approach. Matthew understood what my case meant to me, and was able to present the facts and reveal the truth while maintaining a cool and reasonable demeanor. Matthew knows the court very well, and knew that in an emotionally charged case like mine, cooler heads would prevail.

With this approach, I am thankful for the time and thoroughness Matthew took to prepare me for court, and for the selection of evidence that was submitted.

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