We are always looking to expand our team! If you are an attorney, law school student or paralegal interested in family law and looking to make a change, we invite you to reach out to us at any time (we will of course keep your information private). We hire professionals with all levels of experience, and offer opportunities to work either in person or remotely throughout the state.

We love our team members and we love the work that we do, but we also recognize life is not all about work. We strive to have a balanced culture in which we work hard when we are on the job, but also leave time to be with friends/family, travel, or do whatever it is we like to do when we are not working!

We have included our firm’s core values below so that you can see what we are all about. If you are interested in joining our team, please email AND

Core Values

Being organized allows us to be more responsive, minimize mistakes, and provide a better overall experience for our clients. Being well organized is half the battle in providing competent legal services.


We try to do what is right, even if people are not looking. Aside from just being the right thing to do, this has helped us build a strong reputation in the community, which has and will continue to allow us to serve more clients in the long run.

Client Wellness

While a large part of what we do is focused on securing the greatest outcome for our clients, we also focus heavily on the wellbeing of our clients during the process. We understand that the path to resolving a client’s case is often emotionally fraught. We take care to really listen to our clients’ needs, and try to make what is an innately horrible process as painless as possible.


We try to put ourselves in the shoes of our clients in a kind and compassionate way (no matter how difficult or flawed the client may be), so that we can truly understand what our clients want. This allows us to help our clients get to where they want to be. We also try to put ourselves in the shoes of our opponents (also in a kind and compassionate way); understanding the wants and needs of an opponent is an important aspect of negotiation.


We are hired to be problem solvers. It can be nearly impossible to solve complex problems without the collaboration of multiple people. We collaborate within our team, and whenever possible, we collaborate with our opponents, as doing so will often serve our clients by reducing family conflict and increasing the likelihood of settlement.


Our clients are going through a tremendously upsetting process in their lives. It is extremely important that we respond to any client inquiries within a reasonable period of time (usually 24 to 48 hours) – even if it means letting the client know that we saw their message, do not have time to deal with it right now, but will get back to them within a certain reasonable period of time.


It can be intimidating to work with a lawyer or law firm. We always strive to put our clients at ease by speaking to them in a friendly and casual manner whenever possible. We do our best to meet people where they are.

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