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Many critical life moments can be made simpler by working with a skilled attorney. Whether you are preparing for marriage or contemplating divorce, you should consider reaching out to a Hartford family lawyer.

Our team of legal professionals can assist you in filing for legal separation, fighting for marital property rights, or negotiating child custody agreements. Reach out to our firm today to learn how you can benefit from retaining legal counsel.

Representation During Divorce and Child Custody Proceedings

Family attorneys offer representation for spouses and parents during divorce proceedings. Under Connecticut General Statute § 46b-40, a legal professional can help individual petition for marital dissolution, annulment, or legal separation. Additionally, a lawyer might meet with two spouses to draft a separation agreement.

Parents may also need legal assistance in resolving child support and custody disputes. Divorcing spouses seeking sole or joint legal custody of minor children can benefit from hiring a lawyer who can advocate for them in court. If two parties were unmarried at the time of the birth of their child, an attorney can also help parents establish paternity.

Representing Minor Children

If two parties are concerned about the economic and emotional wellbeing of their children, they can hire independent counsel for a minor child. A lawyer may represent a minor as a guardian ad litem (“GAL”) or attorney for a minor child (“AMC”) during domestic litigation. A seasoned family lawyer can represent a parent or their child during child support, custody, and relocation disputes.

Providing Family Mediation in Hartford

Family disputes are often emotional, and litigation tends to heighten these tensions. As such, many people participate in alternative dispute resolution services to resolve certain marital issues. Mediation can serve as a way for families to avoid litigation and resolve their disputes in a private setting.

A mediator can act as a neutral third party in disputes regarding issues such as:

Mediation can also be useful for parents wishing to modify child custody or support orders due to changed circumstances, including job loss, relocation, or a child’s special needs. Meeting with a family law attorney can help two parties resolve their disputes in a non-adversarial manner.

Drafting Marital Agreements

Couples who want to avoid future disputes about property division or alimony should work with a lawyer to draft a marital agreement. Both prenuptial and postnuptial contracts can be used to preemptively address issues that may arise throughout a marriage.

These agreements can define an individual’s separate property or set child-rearing plans. Couples may even draft terms to address the care of an elderly relative. Executing a marital agreement with a family lawyer can prevent highly contested issues during potential divorce proceedings.

Benefits of Retaining a Hartford Family Attorney

The dedicated legal professionals on our team can help navigate many significant moments in your life. A Hartford family lawyer can help you file a divorce petition, fight for custody of your children, or request spousal support. Contact our firm today to discuss the benefits of hiring an attorney to assist with your family law needs.

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