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If you have been offered a new job and need to move to a different location, you may need to make changes to your child custody and visitation agreements, and a Hartford relocation lawyer can help. A family law attorney with experience handling these cases will help you modify your current custody and visitation arrangements and stand by your side during negotiation meetings and court proceedings.

What are the Grounds for Changing a Custody Agreement Due to Relocation?

Relocating may necessitate a change in a child custody or visitation agreement, depending on the terms of the original order. Typically, family courts will not change custody and visitation agreements unless the parent asking for the modification can demonstrate that it is material and justified.

It is vital to consider whether relocation will affect a child custody or visitation schedule when initially drafting the agreements, as courts may deny the modification if the move could have been anticipated. A Hartford lawyer can help build a relocation case by persuading the court that the change was unanticipated and that the move is in the child’s best interests.

Filing a Petition for Relocation

If the parents of a child agree on their own to change their custody agreement in light of one parent’s relocation and believe the changes are in the best interests of the child, the court will likely grant the petition. However, if the parents cannot agree, each parent is required to provide reasons for changing the agreement or for denying the modification.

Demonstrating the Reasons for Relocation

The relocating parent must demonstrate that moving the child or otherwise changing the custody agreement is in the best interests of the child. Some examples might include moving for a better paying job, being closer to family who can help with childcare, or because the parent is remarrying.

In addition, the court will take into consideration the bond between the child and both parents, especially if the relocation significantly impacts the time the non-relocating parent will have with the child.

What Can the Non-Relocating Parent Do?

The parent who is not relocating might worry about maintaining their relationship with the child. However, if that parent has a strong and healthy bond with their child, an experienced attorney in Hartford can help the parent establish terms in the modified custody agreement to maintain that bond.

With the help of a local lawyer, the parents may be able to negotiate these terms outside of court and take the modified custody agreement to family court for approval. However, if the parents cannot agree, the family court will instead determine if the modification is necessary for the wellbeing of the child.

Contact a Hartford Relocation Attorney Today

If you are seeking to relocate but have questions about your child’s custody order or visitation schedule, contact experienced counsel about your concerns. Job changes and other relocations may happen quickly and be a major disruption to your child’s life, so it is important to ensure their custody and visitation orders are properly updated.

A Hartford relocation lawyer can help you navigate the legal process of modifying your custody order and serve as a mediator when negotiating with the other parent. Call today to get started.

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