Any dispute involving the breakdown of a marriage or the custody of a minor child can be complicated. However, certain family law issues result in particularly complex litigation that can last for years. These complex cases are best handled by experienced litigators that understand Connecticut law.

When you are facing complex family law litigation in Connecticut, now is the time to seek legal guidance. An experienced family attorney can serve as your advocate through every stage of litigation. Let us help you get the best possible outcome in your complex family case.

Complex Family Law Issues

No two family law cases are exactly alike, especially those involving contentious issues. However, some situations in Connecticut frequently result in complex family law litigation. Here is a list of common complex issues our firm can help resolve:

Closely-Held Businesses

Disputes are common when it comes to the division of marital property. However, dividing this property can be challenging when one spouse owns and operates a closely-held business. In many situations, dividing the assets of a small business will put that business at risk of failing. This can require creative solutions that satisfy the law while also protecting the business built over years or generations.


There are few legal issues surrounding the custody of a minor child that are more contentious than relocation. Issues regarding custody can be controversial under the best circumstances but can become especially heated when one parent seeks to relocate away from the other with the minor child.

The complexity of this issue depends in part on the distance a parent intends to move. While the court is unlikely to get involved in a move to another part of a town or county, moving out of state comes with much greater scrutiny. A judge has to weigh the disruption in the child’s life with any potential benefits of relocating.

Children With Disabilities

The courts have an obligation to put the interests of a child first in all their decisions. This obligation is particularly crucial in cases involving children with mental or physical disabilities.

Disabled children often face substantially greater needs involving medical treatment, care, education, and general living accommodations. This can result in a situation where the amount of child support under the standard guidelines is entirely inadequate. Litigating questions of child support or custody in these situations can be complicated—especially without the help of an attorney.

The Benefits of Dedicated Family Law Litigators

We understand how important these complex family law matters are. We review every case we take on carefully, assigning the most complicated matters to our dedicated complex litigation department. At least two Connecticut attorneys will guide a person through litigation for their complex family law matter.

Our complex litigation department handles all the most challenging family law cases. It is our belief that having a dedicated, small team of experienced attorneys handle these complex cases is the best way to ensure a person gets the representation they deserve.

Talk to Us About Complex Family Law Litigation in Connecticut

Complex family matters deserve experienced legal advocacy. Your complicated issue is important, and you need an attorney who knows how to get the best possible outcome for you.

Do not put your future at risk by handling these matters on your own. Reach out today for a private consultation to discuss complex family law litigation in Connecticut.

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