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It is common for families to disagree on certain domestic issues, but significant life events can be made easier through mediation and planning. Whether you are drafting a premarital agreement, discussing custody, or preparing for a marital dissolution, you may benefit from retaining legal counsel. A New Haven mediation lawyer can provide your family with neutral dispute resolution services when making important decisions.

What to Expect During Family Mediation?

Mediation describes a legal process whereby two parties come together to discuss and potentially settle disputes outside of court. Couples may schedule these meetings before filing litigation or attend court-ordered mediation with a New Haven attorney. Mediators strive to help parties draft a binding settlement contract resolving the conflict with minimal judicial intervention.

Each party may retain legal counsel to represent their interests during dispute resolution proceedings. A seasoned mediator can facilitate the negotiation by helping parties identify areas of conflict, present their perspectives, and develop workable compromises in compliance with state law.

If a couple agrees on an issue, the mediator puts the agreement in writing. Dispute resolution typically occurs at a neutral location, such as a lawyer’s office, and has no set time limit. A lawyer may present any issues not resolved through mediation to a family judge for a legal ruling.

The Benefits of Choosing Alternative Dispute Resolution

Domestic disputes often involve complex emotional matters, which may be best resolved outside the courtroom. The benefits of electing to attend alternative dispute resolution with an experienced legal mediator may include:

  • A private environment to discuss family issues
  • Additional time to present evidence and develop creative solutions
  • Reduced in-court time and judicial intrusion into personal issues
  • Ability to negotiate certain items and leave others for the judge
  • Quicker solutions and positive negotiations
  • Avoiding costly court fees

Legal professionals may also help families avoid future disputes by encouraging proactive solutions.

Common Domestic Matters Addressed through Mediation

Courts encourage mediation as a means of reducing litigation and the stress associated with family disputes. A third-party mediator can help families prepare for the legal implications of marriage, negotiate a separation agreement, or develop child custody resolutions. Attorneys often help couples address the following domestic matters through mediation.

Prenuptial Agreements

Under the Connecticut Premarital Agreement Act, couples preparing for marriage may enter into legally binding contracts altering their default marital and property rights. In these contracts, future spouses may modify alimony or agree to the distribution of assets in the event of death or divorce. A local meditation lawyer can guide couples through prenuptial negotiations and ensure any resulting agreement complies with the state’s premarital agreements laws.

Separation and Divorce Settlements

Spouses considering divorce should work with a mediator to draft separation and divorce agreements. Attorneys qualified to provide mediation may help couples prepare separation contracts that address property distribution, alimony, retirement benefits, and child-rearing. If couples can reach a fair agreement, they may limit judicial intervention and prevent drawn-out divorce litigation.

Negotiating Preliminary Parenting Plans

Judges must review and certify most agreements related to child custody, visitation, and support to ensure compliance with state guidelines. However, couples may negotiate a recommended custody, visitation, and parenting plan with a skilled attorney beforehand. Mediation often puts less stress on the child, allows couples to discuss their goals and to present a reasonable custody agreement to the judge.

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Working with a dedicated New Haven mediation lawyer can help you avoid future disputes, minimize stress, expedite legal proceedings. The attorneys at our firm can help you resolve your claims in compliance with state laws. Contact our office today to discuss our alternative dispute resolution services.

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