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If you are going through a divorce or separating from the father of your child, it may be in your best interests to look into your rights as a mother. The state has certain laws concerning custody and parental rights that can be difficult to navigate without competent legal counsel.

A New Haven mother’s rights lawyer can protect you and your child’s best interests. The skilled family law attorneys at our firm can work diligently to achieve a favorable child custody and support arrangement in your case.

Understanding a Mother’s Parental Rights in New Haven

When a couple has children together, one of the most common concerns during separation is the rights afforded to each parent in regards to access to their child. A mother has the right to seek custody of the children she shares with her former partner.

Mothers may be granted legal and/or physical custody of their child. Legal custody is the ability to make life decisions for the child, while physical custody refers to the parent with whom the child primarily resides.

It is generally presumed that the involvement of both parents will be of most benefit to the child, which is why joint custody arrangements are favored in state courts. However, mothers may petition for full custodial rights if they can show that granting the father custodial rights would be harmful to the child.

If awarded custody, a mother can request support from the other parent to assist with the financial expense of caring for their child. Conversely, if the court grants primary custody to the father, a mother can request visitation.

Depending on the situation, the child’s desires may have some effect on the outcome of a custody case. An experienced lawyer can establish a custody agreement that preserves a mother’s rights and meets the child’s best interests.

The Rights of Unmarried Mothers

Unmarried mothers have the same rights to request custody or support of their child as women who were married to the father. However, they may have to overcome additional legal hurdles if they wish to share custodial rights, request support payments, or seek any other financial help from the father.

Paternity is presumed if a couple is married when the child was born. If the parents were not married, paternity must be established before the mother can request any form of support from the father or seek joint custody. A local attorney can help an unmarried mother take the legal steps to establish paternity and exercise her rights.

Reach out to a New Haven Mother’s Rights Attorney for Legal Assistance

Mothers are not given preference over the child’s father in custody proceedings. This is why it is crucial to seek legal counsel in child custody or support cases.

A New Haven mother’s rights lawyer can help you seek custody, request support, and prove the paternity of your child’s father. Contact a family law attorney today for a consultation of your child custody or support case. Our team can support you every step of the way.

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