Family matters are private and sensitive by nature. Reaching out for help with a family situation can be challenging for many people. However, sometimes legal expertise is needed to solve a family problem.

When family conflict has legal implications, you need a compassionate, knowledgeable, and trustworthy attorney. A Fairfield family lawyer at our firm has knowledge of the legal system and experience navigating it. They can obtain the desired results for people experiencing challenging situations within their families.

Creation of Marital Agreements

Written contracts between fiancés and spouses solve many problems before they become significant obstacles. People sometimes resist committing their financial expectations to a legal document. Doing so might not seem romantic, but couples would do well to remember that marriage is a legal and financial partnership. Acknowledging the “business’ aspect of marriage can help a couple navigate the inevitable bumps in their relationship by setting appropriate expectations and providing a degree of financial predictability.

Prenuptial Agreements

Couples can use a prenuptial agreement to establish how they will divide their property should a marriage end in divorce. Prenuptial agreements are strongly advised for couples with children from prior relationships or who enter marriage with substantial property. However, even couples with little wealth benefit from the process of disclosing their finances to each other and having candid conversations about money before they marry.

Postnuptial Agreements

Married couples can create a postnuptial agreement to govern the division of property during a divorce or make other commitments to each other. Some couples use a postnuptial agreement to replace a prenup that no longer seems workable or fair. Others use them to respond to unanticipated situations like a child becoming disabled or to protect one spouse from the consequences of another’s misconduct, such as shielding them from responsibility for the other’s gambling debts.

Separation Agreements

Couples sometimes decide to live apart temporarily or in anticipation of divorce. A separation agreement can cover ongoing spousal support, child support, co-parenting issues, and asset division. If the couple eventually divorces, a skilled Fairfield family attorney can convert the separation agreement into a divorce settlement agreement, sparing the couple from the stress and expense of a contested divorce.

Representation During and After Divorce

Sometimes, divorce is the best option for a family. A well-practiced family lawyer in Fairfield can help people understand their rights and establish expectations for their lives after dissolving the marriage.

A litigated divorce is sometimes necessary, but in most cases, resolving the relevant issues outside of the courtroom is preferable. Mediation, collaborative divorce, or attorney-facilitated negotiations are faster, less expensive, and allow the spouses more control over the outcome.

After a divorce is final, couples sometimes need to revisit their agreements or enforce an agreement already in place. These matters can usually be handled through negotiation, although a court must approve any changes to an existing order. If necessary, a spouse can petition the court to find a non-compliant spouse in contempt of court and ask a judge to enforce a previously issued order.

Response to Domestic Emergencies

Some family situations require an urgent response. When family violence threatens a spouse, domestic partner, or other family members, immediate action might be necessary. A court can issue a restraining order that directs the threatening individual to stay away from the alleged victim or grant other relief the alleged victim requests.

Sometimes, a parent believes the co-parent poses a danger to their children. If the threat is immediate, such as driving with the children while drunk or high, the concerned parent should call the police, then seek an emergency order from the court temporarily changing the custody arrangements to protect the children. An emergency order may also be appropriate if the danger is due to an unsafe home or the presence of an inappropriate person. A seasoned Fairfield family law attorney can assist a parent in obtaining or defending an emergency custody order.

Contact a Fairfield Attorney for Help with Any Family Law Matter

Family law matters are almost always emotionally draining. Working with a lawyer who understands how difficult it can be to go through family transitions is important.

A Fairfield family lawyer is ready to assist you in whatever way necessary and advocate strenuously to help you achieve your goals. Schedule a consultation today.

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