When spouses or parents are unable to see eye-to-eye on how to raise their children, court proceedings become inevitable. These disputes can be contentious and emotionally charged, but a favorable outcome is possible.

When you are facing a custody dispute or going through a divorce, it is vital to understand you have rights as a parent. Those rights will only protect you if they are enforced, making it crucial to find a dedicated family attorney you can count on. Speak with a Fairfield mother’s rights lawyer to receive advice on your options.

Custody Rights

All parents—both mothers and fathers—share equal rights when it comes to the custody of minor children. Even though there is a misconception that women are given special treatment in the court system, the reality is that both parties have the same opportunity to petition the judge for custody.

When a judge decides in these cases, they must rule on two different types of custody: physical and legal. Physical custody relates to a parent’s right to determine where a child lives. Legal custody covers the power to make important decisions about a minor’s upbringing, including medical, educational, and religious decisions.

Both parties have the right to be heard by the court, but they are not entitled to get their way. Instead, a judge will make a final decision based on what is best for the child. An attorney in Fairfield can petition the court for a mother’s full legal and physical custody by making the case that they are best positioned to raise their children.

The Rights of Unmarried Mothers

There is a presumption in Connecticut law that a child born to a married woman was fathered by the husband, but there is no similar rule for unmarried couples. In that scenario, a mother has sole custody over their newborn. For as long as that lasts, they are the only party with the ability to make choices about how the newborn is raised. That said, fathers can establish paternity and obtain the rights and responsibilities that come with parenthood. This includes the opportunity to petition for custody as well as the obligation to pay child support.

Help With Finding a Safe Living Environment

Every mother and her children deserve to live free from fear of abuse or harassment. Unfortunately, family violence is a common occurrence that can have devastating consequences for everyone involved. State law provides women with a path through the court system that can help ensure their protection.

Victims of abuse have an opportunity to obtain something known as an order of protection. This legal document executed by a judge prevents an abusive partner or spouse from contacting or continuing the harassment of the person seeking protection from the courts.

These orders can last for months or even longer in some cases, and they can lead to an arrest if the terms issued by the court are not complied with. A mother’s rights attorney in Fairfield can help with navigating this process.

Speak With a Fairfield Attorney About Protecting a Mother’s Rights

When you are involved in a dispute over custody or child support with a co-parent, you deserve legal counsel you can rely on. The right attorney can help you understand your rights while also enforcing them on your behalf.

Let a Fairfield mother’s rights lawyer review your circumstances. Reach out immediately to learn more.

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