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Connecticut’s domestic relations laws govern many family issues, such as marriage, divorce, child custody, and spousal support. Litigating domestic matters can put emotional strain on all parties involved. However, you can ease that burden by retaining a seasoned attorney.

An experienced Greenwich family lawyer can help you draft a premarital agreement, petition for divorce, and mediate property disputes with a former spouse. Call our firm today to discuss your domestic issues with a member of our team.

Drafting Marital Agreements

Married couples have certain rights and responsibilities regarding property and the parenting of shared children under state law. However, marital agreements allow individuals to modify these rights with a binding contract.

Family law attorneys can help engaged couples draft a prenuptial agreement. Conversely, those who are already married could work to create a postnuptial agreement. These contracts allow couples to specify how they wish to handle the distribution of debts and assets in the event of death or divorce. Common matters addressed in marital agreements may include:

  • Retirement plans
  • Inheritance
  • Religious upbringing of shared children
  • Spousal support
  • Distribution of profits for a shared business

Any agreements about child custody or support are subject to court approval. A local family law attorney can help couples mitigate future conflicts by preparing a marital agreement.

Family Meditation Services

Many family law firms often offer mediation sessions for those who wish to settle emotional matters in a private, comfortable environment. This process is often less expensive than handling issues solely through litigation.

In mediation sessions, an attorney can act as a neutral party for couples negotiating a divorce settlement or parents drafting potential parenting plans for their shared children. A skilled lawyer can work with families to negotiate an arrangement that is beneficial to all parties.

Divorce Proceedings in Greenwich

If mediation is unsuccessful, spouses seeking to end their marriage may benefit from hiring an attorney to handle their divorce. A lawyer can guide an individual spouse through the process of petitioning for marital dissolution and represent them during litigation.

Individuals may also request legal assistance to contest the terms of a previously established prenuptial agreement. An attorney with knowledge of family law can help a spouse protect their rights in any divorce proceedings.

Speak with a Greenwich Family Attorney Today

While it is common for families to have disagreements, addressing issues regarding marriage, divorce, and child custody may require legal intervention.

Receiving a petition for divorce or a motion to modify child custody can be overwhelming. Domestic relations lawyers are here to help families understand their rights and ease the stress of litigation. A dedicated attorney can provide the resources needed to succeed in family court.

If you are planning for marriage, divorce, or legal separation you could benefit from contacting a family law firm. A legal advocate can lead divorce mediation sessions, draft marital agreements, and present preferred parenting plans to a judge. Call our office today to speak with a Greenwich family lawyer about your situation.

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