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Nicole C. Bikakis
Nicole A. Carnemolla
Matthew F. Dolan
Founding Partner
Ruth N. Dwyer
Ellen M. Lynch
Nicole C. Mather
Kevin J. O’Leary
Courtney M. Parsons
Alexandra C. Ritter
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Mitchell T. Teta
What Our Clients Say About Our Services
He Got It Done
Mitch kept me calm avoiding extra time and money. He never pushed me in a direction that wasn't sensible. Very good attorney. Highly recommend. He got it done.
Leslie R.
Honesty, Integrity, And Work Ethic
I am a lawyer with a very narrowly focused practice and I am frequently called upon to make referrals to qualified lawyers who handle other areas of law. I am very careful in doing so and consider it part of my professional responsibility as a lawyer to only send people...
Tracy S.
Don’t Settle For Anything Less
Divorce is never easy and if you have to go through it you need a law firm who will protect you, your assets, and your family. Don't settle for anything less, Dolan Divorce PLC. only way to go
Mike M.
Diligent, Thorough, and Overall a Pleasure
I've been to court a few times over the same thing and this was by far the best experience. Attorney oleary was very diligent, thorough, and a pleasure to work with period he made sure I had options, I understood what they were, be effective each, and took my input...
Steve S.
Great Practice
Great Practice. Professional, knowledgeable, approachable attorneys you'd want to have on your side.
Darya W.

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