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Divorce is an unfortunate necessity for many couples. While this process has earned a reputation for being difficult, many find that a collaborative divorce reduces the potential for conflict and simplifies the dissolution of marriage.

With the help of a committed divorce attorney, you can determine if this method of separation is right for you. A Connecticut collaborative divorce lawyer can advise you of your options and help you through the process to reach a favorable outcome.

Conventional vs. Collaborative Divorce

There are important differences between conventional and collaborative divorces. A collaborative divorce may not be for every couple, but it often provides significant benefits for those who choose that method. A knowledgeable attorney in Connecticut can outline these benefits to parties considering a collaborative divorce.

Conventional divorces rely on the court system to resolve complicated issues and make the final decisions involving the couple’s children and property. Litigation is common in these cases, with drawn-out and costly legal proceedings adding weeks or even months to the process. Additionally, as time drags on, the cost of litigating a divorce could eat into the savings both parties are ultimately fighting for.

A collaborative divorce avoids many of those issues. During the process, the parties work out the primary issues of their separation outside of the courtroom, as the decisions are often made before a divorce petition is even filed with the court. While it is not necessary to work out every detail upfront, this process avoids much of the conflict that typically occurs in a courtroom setting.

Why Collaborative Divorce Works

It is not uncommon for traditional divorces to eventually conclude through some form of a negotiated settlement, but this can result in long-term challenges. When contested divorces settle, the agreement is often struck at the last minute. These deals can result in one or both individuals regretting the terms of the agreement.

In a collaborative divorce, the parties typically reach an understanding of the matters that are most important to them early on in the process with the help and insight of a dedicated Connecticut attorney.

Resolving Marriage Dissolution Disputes in Connecticut

There are times when individuals enter into the collaborative divorce process only to learn that there are some sticking points that cannot be resolved alone. While experienced local lawyers are often able to iron these issues out, a full and complete settlement agreement is not always possible.

In these circumstances, collaborative divorces could fall apart and require the parties to litigate the issues through a traditional divorce process. However, there are other options in cases where both parties agree that only a handful of issues remain undecided. In these cases, a “private judge” selected by the parties can serve as an arbitrator for the specific issues.

Contact a Connecticut Collaborative Divorce Attorney Today

For many couples preparing for the dissolution of their marriage, collaborative divorce could offer a number of benefits. The process is often faster, less expensive, and more private.

If you are considering dissolving your marriage, goal-oriented attorneys at our firm can assist you. Reach out to a Connecticut collaborative divorce lawyer to discuss your options today.

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