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Domestic relations attorneys generally provide representation to individuals, couples, and children during sensitive family disputes, including divorce, custody, and child support litigation. However, family law firms also offer services for couples preparing to enter into marriage or families seeking mediation.

Parents, engaged couples, and spouses can all benefit from discussing their rights with a New Canaan family lawyer. Whether you need help drafting a marital agreement or filing for divorce, reach out to an experienced family law attorney. Call our office today to learn more about the services we provide.

Common Issues Addressed with a Family Lawyer

Relevant state laws govern transactions between spouses and other family members. The family branch of the superior court handles most domestic conflicts.


Marriage is a legal union that affords couples certain rights regarding property. Anyone preparing to get married may need guidance from a qualified lawyer when drafting any marital agreements. These contracts can prevent future disputes about the distribution of marital property or spousal support in the event of divorce.

Divorce and Legal Separation

Spouses considering divorce or legal separation should retain private legal counsel to represent their interests in any settlement negotiations. A family law attorney can help an individual party request spousal support or joint custody of shared children.

Child Custody and Visitation

Any agreements regarding custody or child support are subject to judicial review. When drafting these agreements, it is best to retain legal counsel who can make sure all contracts adhere to state law.

Child Support Enforcement and Paternity

Single parents may also need help obtaining child support from an unwilling party. If two parties were not married at the time of the birth of their child, paternity may need to be established before a court can order the father to provide financial support. A skilled family lawyer can guide single parents through the process of requesting a DNA test.

Alternative Dispute Resolution and Family Planning Services in New Canaan

Domestic relations firms often provide family planning and alternative dispute resolution services. This might include mediation sessions for couples who wish to avoid future disputes regarding property distribution, child-rearing, and estate plans. Divorcing spouses can also benefit from a mediator when drafting settlement documents.

Guided mediation can help families identify, discuss, and address common separation and divorce conflicts through binding contracts, including property division, alimony, additions to basic child support, and parental responsibilities. Engaging in settlement negotiations with a dedicated local attorney can save a family time, stress, and money by limiting time spent in litigation.

Representing Minor Children

In addition to providing independent legal representation for adults, family lawyers often represent children. Judges may appoint an attorney to act as a guardian ad litem (GAL) for children during custody proceedings.

A legal professional acting as a GAL can make “best interest” recommendations for children during family disputes by analyzing the factors outlined in Connecticut General Statute § 46b-56. These factors may include the stability of a parent or guardian’s household and the child’s living preferences. A written report submitted by a guardian ad litem holds substantial weight in the courtroom.

Judges may also appoint an attorney for a minor child (AMC). Unlike guardians ad litem, AMCs act as dedicated counsel for minors. They frequently represent the minor’s wishes during cases involving juvenile delinquency adjudications and termination of a minor’s parental rights. Legal professionals with experience practicing family law can provide GAL and AMC services to children living in the area.

Consider Retaining a New Canaan Family Attorney

The experienced legal professionals at our firm understand both the emotional and financial toll contentious litigation may take on families. Our team can provide mediation services, draft prenuptial agreements, and represent an individual spouse in court. Call a New Canaan family lawyer today to discuss how our legal professionals can serve you.

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