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There are many important legal steps divorcing spouses must take after making the initial decision to end their marriage. Once a couple establishes specific grounds for the dissolution of their marriage, they must come to an agreement on various issues, including custody of children, child and spousal support, and the division of marital assets and debts.

Given the emotional strain involved in ending a marriage, it is best to seek counsel from a family attorney. A Greenwich divorce lawyer can represent your best interests during negotiations with your partner, ensure any separation agreements are compliant with state law, and help you pursue a positive outcome in court.

Difference Between Divorce and Legal Separation in Greenwich

A decree of dissolution from a court or the death of one spouse are the only two ways to legally end a marriage. However, if a couple wishes to live apart but not formally dissolve their marriage, they may work with a marital divorce lawyer to pursue legal separation.

This option may be appropriate for spouses who want to take some time apart to consider divorce or attempt reconciliation. Couples who are legally separated are also afforded the same tax breaks as those who are married.

Prior to pursuing a legal separation, a couple must establish a marriage separation agreement addressing issues such as alimony and property division. The terms of this agreement may be factored into the couple’s divorce if they decide to proceed with marital dissolution. A local marriage separation agreement attorney can help an individual spouse ensure their best interests are respected in these negotiations.

What is Required for a Legal Dissolution of Marriage?

In order to pursue a divorce in this area, either the filing party or the respondent spouse must have lived in Connecticut for at least one year prior. Furthermore, the respondent spouse must receive a copy of the formal complaint as well as a summons for a court hearing regarding the divorce. At least 90 days must pass after this court hearing occurs before the divorce decree can be granted.

Under Connecticut General Statutes §46b-40, a spouse may file for a divorce on fault-based grounds in instances of adultery, desertion, or unreasonable cruelty. However, if neither party is to blame, spouses whose marriage has irretrievably broken down may pursue a “no-fault” divorce. A qualified family divorce lawyer in the area can help someone pursue either type of divorce based on their unique circumstances.

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When couples get married, they generally do not plan for divorce. If you have decided to end your marriage, it is important to seek legal help to ensure the divorce process goes as smoothly as possible. The marital divorce attorneys at our firm have the knowledge and resources to guide spouses through these court proceedings.

A dedicated Greenwich divorce lawyer can be a steadfast ally throughout the dissolution of your marriage. If you need divorce legal help, call today our office today to discuss what a qualified divorce law firm can do for you.

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