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When parents decide to separate or divorce, decisions involving child custody can be some of the most difficult and contentious parts of the process. Custody disputes are often emotionally charged, making it all the more necessary to work with experienced legal counsel to ensure that your voice is heard.

There are numerous legal and factual considerations that a judge must weigh when determining parenting schedules and assigning custody. Mothers involved in this process need strong representation to fight for their rights in the courtroom. If you are dealing with these complex legal proceedings, work with a Connecticut mother’s rights lawyer to help present your case and increase the chances of a positive outcome for your family.

Custody for Mothers in Connecticut

Mothers and fathers have equal rights to custody of their children. For many families, the courts will decide that parents should be awarded joint legal custody and shared physical custody. However, this arrangement does not work in all cases, especially when the parents have extremely different views on important issues concerning their children.

There are two types of custody that a parent can seek. Legal custody is the official right to make choices regarding healthcare, education, and other important matters for a child or children. This is separate from physical custody, which refers to where the child primarily lives. A court can assign various custodial arrangements, such as giving one parent sole legal custody but shared physical custody.

In determining custody arrangements, the number one factor that courts must consider is the best interests of the children. To obtain her desired outcome, a mother and her attorney must prove that her proposed custody arrangement satisifies the best interests standard. A skilled mother’s rights lawyer can help build and present a strong case in support.

Custody Considerations in Connecticut

In determining the best fit for the children’s needs, a judge will consider various factors. These may include:

  • The stability of the parents’ homes
  • The parents’ relationships with their children
  • The child’s specific educational or health needs
  • The child’s adjustment to their community
  • The parents’ ability to cooperate with each other in co-parenting

Courts will also consider any negative factors involving the parents, such as a record of child abuse, domestic violence, or manipulation. For older children, the court may take their preference into account as well.

Mothers involved in this process should consult an experienced attorney in their area. These court decisions will have a long-term impact on a family, so it is important to work with a skilled mother’s rights lawyer to build the strongest possible case.

Changing Custody Determinations

A family’s circumstances can change over time, sometimes unexpectedly. If significant changes occur, the original custody plan may no longer suit the parents’ and children’s needs. Accordingly, the law allows a parent to file for a modification of a custody or visitation plan.

Common examples of life changes that might affect custody include:

  • New health considerations
  • New jobs
  • Remarriage of a parent
  • Relocation of a parent

However, courts are less likely to agree to a modification if one party opposes. Mothers seeking custody modification in Connecticut should speak to a well-practiced attorney about possible strategies for achieving a favorable outcome.

Reach Out to a Connecticut Mother’s Rights Attorney

Divorces can be messy, stressful, and heartbreaking. To add to the emotional strain, divorce negotiation and litigation also involves many complex legal processes that can be difficult to navigate without a skilled lawyer.

If you are dealing with a divorce or separation from your child’s parent, let a Connecticut mother’s rights lawyer be your legal ally. Contact us today to learn how we can help find the best solution for you and your family.

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