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From school supplies to rent and utilities, raising children is expensive. Both parents have a legal responsibility to provide for their children, regardless of whether they are in a relationship. Your kids should not have to suffer as a result of a co-parent’s failure or refusal to provide financial support.

A dedicated family attorney can help you understand your parental rights and obtain the financial support your family needs. Whether you want to recover arrears, modify your obligations, or challenge a co-parent’s income calculations, consider reaching out to a Hartford child support lawyer.

Understanding Child Support Rights & Obligations in Hartford

Under Connecticut General Statute § 46b-37, parents and former spouses have a joint duty to support their children. Co-parents must provide reasonable housing, healthcare, education, and childcare in accordance with their financial abilities.

Child support calculations are based on bother parents’ income and liabilities and the children’s age-based needs. In addition to basic minimum obligations required by the state, courts generally consider the following factors when entering child maintenance and support orders:

  • Each party’s weekly gross income
  • Each parent’s earning capacity
  • Insurance premiums and medical expenses
  • Number of children
  • Alimony and support payments for other children
  • Child care needs
  • Arrearages

Special considerations such as private tuition, family wealth, visitation costs, business expenses, tax considerations, may also be factored into a judge’s decision. Courts strive to create working child support orders that consider each parent’s unique assets, liabilities, and personal needs. A legal professional can help parents present evidence to demonstrate their financial situation and ability to pay child support.

Working with Legal Counsel to Prevent Child Support Disputes

Many co-parents use child support worksheets to calculate their obligations but fail to consult with a lawyer. If two parties complete these worksheets incorrectly, it can lead to preventable disputes and lengthy litigation. Working with an attorney to draft a supplemental child support agreement can save families from the emotional and financial toll of future conflict.

A knowledgeable attorney might urge co-parents to consider additions to basic support. Families can also draft emergency financial support provisions that cover sudden travel and medical expenses. A local lawyer can help parents develop a child support agreement that is beneficial for all parties and correctly anticipates a child’s needs.

Recovering Overdue Child Support Payments

If one parent fails to send their child support payments, the other party may ask a family judge to intervene. A lawyer may request state authorities do any or all of the following to recover child support arrears:

  • Order wage garnishment or income withholding
  • Intercept tax refunds and economic stimulus checks
  • Require the obligator to purchase an annuity
  • Seize and sell assets, including savings accounts and vehicles
  • Notify private financing companies, local law enforcement, and courts of outstanding child support obligations

Barring exceptional economic circumstances, such as death or sudden illness, courts may not waive or reduce arrears. An attorney can, however, help parents struggling to make child support payments request a modified court order. Such modifications generally require parents to show substantially changed circumstances.

Get Help from a Child Support Attorney in Hartford

Many child support disputes arise due to disagreements about disposable income, expenses, and child-rearing priorities. While the state has mandatory support guidelines, parents should discuss their concerns with a dedicated Hartford child support lawyer to ensure a comprehensive analysis of a family’s support needs is conducted.

An attorney can also work with you to recover needed support arrears or modify future obligations based on changed circumstances. Call our office today to speak with a seasoned legal professional about your case.

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