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Irrespective of whether a parent has been granted legal or physical custody, both parents are responsible for supporting their children financially until they reach the age of majority. If a co-parent is failing to make timely payments, whether for weekly support or their portion of medical or childcare expenses, a Hartford child support enforcement lawyer can help.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to ensure you always receive the child support you are due. Many turn to an experienced child support attorney for help with recovering any missed payments, along with legal advice and guidance. Reach out to our team at Dolan Divorce Lawyers today to schedule an initial consultation.

Understanding Child Support Obligations in Connecticut

In Hartford, a parent that does not have primary, or in certain cases shared, physical custody will have a legal obligation to make regular payments to the custodial parent in the form of child support. The support payment is intended to cover the additional costs the custodial parent incurs to have the children reside with them, including food, clothing, housing, education, and other basic needs. On top of the weekly support amount, child support obligations will also require parents to share expenses for unreimbursed medical expenses and work-related childcare.

A parent has a legal obligation to provide child support payments, even where they have no legal custody or have limited to no visitation rights. Failing to provide these payments can result in serious legal consequences.

How Long is a Custodial Parent Entitled to Child Support Payments?

While a custodial parent is legally entitled to child support payments from the co-parent, it is important to remember that these are not an indefinite entitlement, and the obligation will come to an end.

Child support obligations end when the child reaches the age of 18 or graduates from high school, whichever happens later. Though in some situations, the obligations can last longer than this period. For example, if the child has disabilities and remains dependent on the custodial parent past the age of 18 or graduation from high school, the custodial parent may be entitled to child support payments until the child turns 21 years old. Additionally, a court has the authority to order post-secondary educational support, requiring a parent to contribute to their child’s undergraduate education.

How a Child Support Enforcement Lawyer Can Help

Unfortunately, even though it is clear that child support payments are serious legal obligations by which parents must abide, many find that the noncustodial parent owes them payments that are past due.

This is where a child support enforcement attorney in Hartford can provide assistance. When a custodial parent does not receive the payments owed, it can put them under serious financial strain. In turn, this can negatively impact the child’s education, health, and general well-being. A skilled lawyer can review the details of an individual’s co-parenting situation and take steps to help them recover missed child support payments.

Resolving Child Support Disputes in Private

When a custodial parent is not receiving the regular support payments that they are due, it can have a strong negative financial impact on the life and well-being of their child. Working with a child support enforcement attorney in Hartford can help parents combat this unjust situation.

To recover missed child support payments, many individuals may attempt to resolve the dispute in private instead of taking it to court. However, even when attempting to avoid court intervention, many custodial parents will seek the counsel of a Hartford child support enforcement attorney to help them best achieve a resolution.

Issuing a Demand Letter

To help custodial parents recover missed child support payments, a child support lawyer can issue a demand letter. This demand letter will notify the noncustodial parent of the delinquency of their child support payments.

In some cases, a demand letter may be all it takes to influence the noncustodial parent to fulfill their child support payment obligations. This can make the process easier for the custodial parent because they would not need to bring the dispute to court.

Resolving Child Support Disputes in Court

When a demand letter is not responded to and past due payments remain unresolved, seeking the court’s intervention is the only remaining option. By filing a motion and seeking the court enforce the child support order, the threat of being found in contempt, and in certain cases made to pay attorney’s fees, might compel the delinquent co-parent to act.

A custodial parent seeking the court’s intervention in resolving their child support issue may benefit from the legal guidance and help from a child support enforcement lawyer in Hartford.

Seek Guidance From a Hartford Child Support Enforcement Attorney

If you are owed child support payments from a noncustodial parent, it can place a significant financial strain on you, and negatively impact your child’s life. Unfortunately, the process of recovering missed payments can be complex, difficult, and lengthy—which is why many seek help from a Hartford child support enforcement lawyer.

The legal team at Dolan Divorce Lawyers can help make this process easier for you. Call today for a private consultation to begin discussing how you can recover what you are due.

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