Superb Attorney, My SuperHero!

July 7, 2020

Matt was excellent all around. He was punctual, always made me feel easier after talking with him. Took time to find out exact situation and was not afraid to say to my Mother that her husband did not do what he told her. Matt went and brought her the piece of paper with my stepdad!s answers on it. So he told my Mom one thing and told the fort the opposite. Matt was diligent about following up with me as well as my physician and counselor. Sometimes the office was not turning notes around as fast. That’s all been handled and I’m proud to say my counselor Jana stepped up and did it herself instead of it going into the office to do abyss.

I am extremely grateful that Matt agreed to take my case and understood that I would not be staying in CT. He got that cleared with the court and also got my counseling cleared to be handled out of State.

I would call Matt anytime to do what I needed to be handled in CT. The first on my list is to hopefully getting my Mom in touch with him so she can setup a family plan with her wishes put in writing. What should happen to her part should something, God FORBID, happen to her. This way it is all written down and can just be executed by her wishes.

Matt was always was to reach and always made time to ensure I understood everything.

I HIGHLY recommend Matt Dolan for your attorney needs.

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