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Making the decision to end your marriage is not easy, and legally executing the dissolution of your union could be even more complicated. There are various administrative roadblocks that can slow down the process of separating from your partner. If you wish to pursue the dissolution of your marriage, there is no substitute for working with a Darien divorce lawyer.

With guidance from an experienced family attorney, you can ensure your needs are factored into the final dissolution decree. Our divorce law firm has helped many spouses seek a desirable end to their marriage and can help you, as well.

Laws Governing the Divorce Process in Darien

State courts will only grant a divorce decree if at least one spouse has lived in Connecticut for 12 months. Couples may also be permitted to petition for dissolution if they previously lived in the state while married and returned specifically to seek a divorce.

Under Connecticut General Statutes §46b-40, married couples have the option of pursuing a no-fault divorce based on an irreconcilable breakdown of their marriage. Spouses filing for fault-based dissolution must do so on one or more of the following grounds:

  • Adultery
  • Fraudulent contract
  • Willful desertion for at least one year
  • Abandonment

A local divorce attorney can help an individual spouse file for divorce and explain any other statutes regarding marital dissolution.

Diving Marital Property and Assets

The most contentious aspect of a divorce is often the division of marital property and assets. The state operates under an equitable distribution system. However, it is important to note that “equitable” is not synonymous with “equal.”

There are many factors courts may take into account when determining what marital property to award each spouse. These factors may include the income, debts, and earning potential of both parties.

It is beneficial to seek help from a skilled family divorce attorney when pursuing a truly equitable property division arrangement. A divorce lawyer can also advocate for spouses during disputes regarding alimony and the assumption of marital debts.

Parents are generally permitted to create a proposed custody agreement for shared children, but a court must determine whether the terms of the contract serve the child’s best interests before it can be made official. A marital attorney can help divorcing parents draft a lawful child custody plan.

Negotiating a Separation Agreement

Some couples may wish to separate from each other for a period of time without formally ending their marriage. In such a scenario, spouses can pursue a legal separation. This petition may be requested on the same grounds one would use to file for divorce.

During this process, it is important to establish a marital separation agreement. Couples can draft a contract that addresses potential disputes such as child custody, division of assets and debts, spousal support, and more with the help of a separation agreement lawyer.

If separated spouses decide to formally end their marriage, a family divorce lawyer can request that the terms of their legal separation agreement be applied to the formal dissolution decree. A separation agreement attorney can help a couple decide if marriage separation is the appropriate choice for them.

Speak with a Darien Divorce Attorney Today

If you and your spouse disagree on how to divide property or share parental responsibilities, you should seek legal help with your divorce before pursuing marital dissolution or marriage separation. Without support from a divorce attorney when ending a marriage, individuals may have trouble achieving favorable terms in a divorce settlement or separation agreement.

A seasoned Darien divorce lawyer can look out for your best interests in all divorce proceedings and work tirelessly to obtain a positive outcome. Get in touch with a representative from our firm today to learn more.

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