Parents in Connecticut have an obligation to financially support their minor children, and the court system takes this obligation seriously. During child custody cases, a judge typically awards an amount of monthly child support to the parent with primary custody.

These awards are designed to last until the child is an adult, but there are situations where a parent could change the support amount. This modification is possible with the help of a skilled child support attorney. Talk to a Guilford child support modification lawyer now to learn about your options.

Grounds for Modifying the Support Obligation

For a Connecticut judge to agree to modify a parent’s child support obligation, there must be a reason that makes this change necessary. A parent unhappy with their case’s outcome cannot simply contest the order absent a new set of circumstances to justify such a change. A child support order will remain in effect until the court orders otherwise—and only when a change is necessary.

A parent must prove a substantial change in circumstances to successfully petition for modification. This change in circumstances must be recent, occurring after the entry of the current support order. Any factors present when the parents entered the original cannot serve as new grounds for modification.

Either parent can pursue modification, and a court can order the amount of support to be increased, decreased, or remain unchanged. A substantial change in circumstances can involve the non-custodial parent having a sudden increase or decrease in their income. It could also include additional expenses related to the child’s healthcare.

The courts have a standard when the change in circumstances is related to increased or decreased income. When a change in one or both parents’ income would result in an increase or decrease in the child support calculation by fifteen percent or more, that may satisfy the statutory need for a substantial change in circumstances. However, a judge has the final word on this issue and can choose not to modify the order if they believe a parent voluntarily allowed their income to decrease. An attorney in Guilford can help make a case for or against child support modification.

How Can an Attorney Help with a Modification?

There are many ways a Guilford lawyer can assist with child support modification. An attorney will explain the law and inform a parent’s expectations as to the process, the evidence required, and likely outcome.

An attorney can also handle the legal work of changing child support. A legal representative starts with filing a motion for child support modification with a court. Filing the action is only one step, as it is necessary to serve it to the other parent. This involves formally providing that parent with notice of the pending hearing. The hearing is another situation where legal counsel is invaluable. A legal team can make the case to a judge that modification is necessary.

Call a Guilford Child Support Modification Attorney Today

If you believe your child support order should be modified or are facing a co-parent who has filed such a motion, seeking out legal counsel is crucial. This process can be challenging, but having an attorney by your side can improve your chances of success. Our team is here to help you with any changes to your child support, no matter the reason. Reach out to a Guilford child support modification lawyer to discuss your options.

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