Coping with a divorce is understandably a stressful experience. With emotions running high, hiring a Southbury divorce lawyer can help. An experienced family attorney can help navigate the process of filing for divorce and recommend how to divide assets and handle any other disputes that arise.

Choosing the right attorney can make all the difference in your case. At Dolan Divorce Lawyers, we provide quality representation to our clients. Our family attorneys will listen to your goals and concerns when it comes to divorce and assist you with a solution that protects your rights and your family. Contact our office if you are considering filing for divorce in Connecticut.

Understanding the Divorce Process

Aside from the emotional and practical issues someone could face when filing for divorce, they must also navigate the court system in Connecticut. While it may seem overwhelming, relying on a seasoned lawyer in Southbury can save you time and money during a divorce. Before filing to dissolve a marriage, there are some things to consider. First, the couple must meet Connecticut’s residency requirements and determine the legal grounds for the dissolution of their marriage.

Residency Requirement

In Connecticut, someone can file for divorce at any time after they establish residency in the state. There are three ways to prove residency for purposes of a divorce:

  • Either spouse must have lived in the state for twelve months before filing, or the divorce is finalized
  • A couple can file for divorce when they move back to Connecticut if they lived there while married, moved, and returned
  • The least common route is based on the marriage breaking down after one spouse moves to the state.

Legal Grounds for Divorce

Like any other state, couples seeking divorce need a legally acceptable reason for filing in Connecticut. Although the state does recognize fault-based divorce related to one spouse’s marital misconduct—such as adultery or abandonment—pursuing a fault-based divorce requires evidence of the alleged misconduct, which can cost time and money, drawing out the divorce process for couples.

The more common and efficient way to get a divorce in Connecticut is simply to declare that the marriage “has broken down irretrievably,” which means there’s no reasonable hope that the couple can address their differences and reconcile. A no-fault divorce means the couple agrees regarding their separation. Couples who file for an uncontested divorce experience a much easier, quicker, and less expensive divorce than going through the contested route.

Common Disputes in Divorce Cases

Before meeting with a divorce lawyer, couples should consider the terms of their agreement. A couple should determine how they will:

  • Distribute their marital assets
  • Establish child custody and support
  • Assess the need for spousal support payments

Connecticut applies equitable distribution to marital assets, meaning that the court will weigh various factors to determine how to fairly divide a couple’s assets in divorce. In many cases, couples elect to have joint legal custody of their children, and one parent will pay child support based on the state guidelines.

A Southbury divorce attorney can help prepare a property settlement agreement to memorialize the terms of the divorce agreement, assist spouses with creating a parenting schedule that works, plan the distribution of retirement plans and other assets, and handle any other issues that may arise.

A Southbury Divorce Attorney Can Help You Move Forward With Your Life

Our well-practiced lawyers have the knowledge and experience to handle any legal issue you could face in your divorce. We approach family law issues with flexibility and work on problem-solving so that both parties are happy with the outcome of their case. Divorces often become contentious, and tense emotions can cost couples more money than they should spend. Our dedicated legal professionals will work to resolve your case efficiently.

Our attorneys have helped couples across the state resolve their disputes. We will approach your case with the same dedication, compassion, and patience to help ease your stress during this difficult time. Contact our office to speak with a Southbury divorce lawyer about your situation.

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