Connecticut Child Support Modification Lawyer

A child support order from a state family judge is not necessarily permanent—circumstances change, and these orders can be modified to address these changes. A skilled family law attorney can help you navigate the legal system when dealing with these shifting circumstances.

If you are seeking a change to your child support order, you have the right to seek legal counsel during the process. As a court must be convinced that certain statutory factors are satisfied in order to grant the support modification you are seeking, it is vital you present your case as effectively as possible. A Connecticut child support modification lawyer can help you every step of the way.

When Support Modification Might be Necessary

Typically, courts will not grant a request to alter the terms of a child support order without a good reason to do so. Without a valid reason, any request for a change is effectively relitigating the original order, so a parent must establish a material change in circumstances to successfully pursue a modification of a child support obligation. A child support modification attorney in Connecticut can help a parent identify a material change in circumstances, which might include:

Changes in Primary Custody

One material change involves a shift in the custodial parenting situation. For example, if a child moves in with a parent full time, the parent might be entitled to end any child support they were paying previously when the child lived with the other parent. The opposite can also be true, as parents who no longer have physical custody of a child might become obligated to pay support.

Changes in Income

A major change in monthly income can be grounds for a change in a child support obligation. A parent who sees a deep cut in their income—particularly due to job loss—can seek modification to lower the amount they owe in child support each month.

Illness or Injury

Injury or illness of the noncustodial parent can require the modification of a child support obligation if the condition prevents a parent from working or requires extensive medical care.

Steps to Modify Child Support Obligations

There are a few steps necessary for a parent to seek the modification of a child support obligation. The first step requires the parent seeking modification to file a motion with the court. Known as a motion for modification, this legal document sets out the grounds upon which the parent seeks to change the support order. After filing the motion, that parent must serve the other parent with a copy of the document, along with notice of the hearing date scheduled by the court. At the hearing, a family law judge will determine if modification is appropriate. A knowledgeable child support modification attorney in Connecticut can assist with every step of the process.

Speak with a Connecticut Child Support Modification Attorney About Your Rights

While efforts to modify a child support order are never guaranteed to be successful, the right approach might improve your odds. Ensuring the judge understands the significance of the change in your circumstances can be possible with the right family lawyer.

Allow a Connecticut child support modification lawyer to help ensure you are treated fairly. Schedule a consultation to discuss modifying the child support obligations today.

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