There is a common misconception that the issuing of a divorce decree brings the matter to a close forever. The marriage might be over, but the potential for future conflict remains. In some cases, spouses might even be forced to return to divorce court to litigate disputes involving the terms in the decree.

When you are dealing with similar challenges, consider connecting with a Fairfield post-divorce disputes lawyer for guidance. Speaking with a dedicated divorce attorney can provide you with a clear understanding of your rights and responsibilities under Connecticut law.

Factors that Lead to Disputes

Countless issues can crop up between former spouses, even well after the divorce decree is finalized. Not only is this possible between two people who have been in conflict for years, but challenges can also arise following an amicable divorce. In either scenario of disputes, a post-divorce attorney in Fairfield can help. Some common issues include the following:


Moving out of state is not always a contentious issue for former spouses. When a minor child is involved, though, it can lead to heated disputes and drawn-out litigation. A parent intending to move to another state with a child, absent an agreement with the other parent, needs approval from the court. If their former spouse objects, the court considers the arguments made by both sides before determining what is best for the juvenile. A judge will consider everything from the job opportunities in the new location to the hardship placed on the non-moving parent.

Changes in Employment

Financial issues are often at the heart of disputes between exes. This is because, despite the end of their marriage, their lives often remain intertwined. Issues can arise when one spouse owes another alimony or child support, or when they share debts from the course of their relationship.

A change in employment can mean the existing court order as to support is no longer fair. This can go either direction, where a person could owe more after getting a raise or see their obligations reduced if they are fired from their job.

Personal Conflict

Many disputes are little more than a continuation of the issues that led to divorce in the first place. When emotions run high, the likelihood that a party will violate the terms of a decree only increases. Disputes can occur when a former spouse remarries, or when conflict over co-parenting arises. Frustration can lead to one or both parties refusing to comply with the terms of the divorce settlement.

Resolving Conflict After a Divorce

Finding the right approach to resolve these issues does not have to be difficult. In fact, a lawyer in Fairfield can find a resolution in some post-divorce disputes without the need for ligation at all. It may be possible for cooler heads to prevail, with lawyers for both sides working out an acceptable agreement for everyone.

When amicable negotiation is not possible, filing a petition for contempt of court is the final option. If a judge determines one party violated the terms of the decree, they can face a range of penalties including fines or even incarceration.

Reach Out to an Attorney in Fairfield About Post-Divorce Disputes Today

Dealing with a former spouse can be hard, especially when matters of child custody are at play. The good news is that you have the right to seek out legal counsel that can help. Call a Fairfield post-divorce disputes lawyer right away to learn more.

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