Losing Child Custody in Guilford

In an ideal world, custody cases may result in both parents sharing parenting time and decision-making responsibilities. However, in certain cases one parent may seek to take custody away from the other because of serious allegations about the health and safety of the child. When you are caught in the middle of a contentious custody battle, know that you have rights, and there may be a path forward where you can spend time with your children.

When you are worried about losing child custody in Guilford, talk to an experienced attorney. We can answer your questions and let you know if there are things you can do to maintain custody. When you have already lost custody of your children, an attorney can review the case and determine what you can do to regain time with your children.

The Basics of Child Custody in Family Law Cases

Connecticut law allows parents to allocate legal and physical custody of their children between the two of them so that parents share these roles or so that one parent has sole custody. Typically, legal custody refers to being able to make decisions about the child, such as signing critical medical forms. Physical custody encompasses where the child stays and when.

In child custody cases, the parents and the court try to determine the best allocation of legal and physical custody per the scenario. For example, the court may give one parent physical custody and have the parents share legal custody. The court may decide to give one parent full legal and physical custody or have both parents share these responsibilities equally.

Throughout the child custody negotiation process, the parents and the court are usually trying to develop a plan that serves the children’s best interests. To that aim, the following factors often play a vital role in the decision-making process:

  • The capacity of each parent to meet the children’s needs
  • Any safety or health concerns present in the home that would impact the children’s wellbeing
  • The ability of each parent to provide a stable living environment
  • The children’s preferences
  • How established the children are in their current environments

There are situations where, after looking at the law, facts, and the children’s best interest standard, the court decides one parent should lose child custody in Guilford.

What Are the Reasons Someone Can Lose Custody of Their Children?

Someone can have and lose physical or legal custody of their children. Reasons why the court may take custody away from a parent include the presence of domestic violence or abuse in the home. The court may believe the parent has been engaging in manipulative behavior, such as talking down about the other parent in the presence of the children.

When the parent has not been following the existing parenting agreement, the court may decide to adjust the current plan. Likewise, when a change in a parent’s job makes it impossible to carry out their parental responsibilities, it may be time to change the plan. This may include the court deciding that one parent should lose child custody.

When the court takes away one parent’s custody rights, there may be a way for them to regain them later if there has been a substantial change in their circumstances. A lawyer can help someone determine if and how they can get custody over their children again.

A Guilford Attorney Can Help Parents Who Lose Child Custody

When you are in a custody battle, you want to do what you can to see and care for your children. When you risk losing child custody in Guilford, consider contacting a knowledgeable lawyer. An attorney can help you identify and exercise your rights by investigating your case and determining the available options for you to spend time with your children.

Our attorneys have helped many people overcome the challenges they face in custody disputes. We have the time and resources to support you during the legal process and can answer your questions. Contact a lawyer on our team to schedule a consultation.

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