Parenting Plans in Guilford

The parenting plan is a critical document in child custody cases, describing how the parents agree to divide the responsibilities and decisions involved in raising a child. When you are in the midst of a child custody case because of a divorce, parentage action, or other family law matter, you should speak with an attorney. Doing independent research and trying to represent yourself in court may be unwise and cause you to waive your rights unknowingly.

A seasoned lawyer can explain what your rights are and how to negotiate a fair custody agreement with the other parent. Our custody attorneys have experience developing parenting plans in Guilford in many situations and can help you move through this process skillfully. You may benefit from hiring a respected lawyer instead of trying to shoulder this responsibility by yourself.

What Is a Parenting Plan?

A parenting plan is a legal document that explains how the parents would like to allocate things like custody, decision-making responsibilities, and parenting time. Under Connecticut General Statutes § 46b-56a, the agreement must address who the children will stay with on an ongoing basis, who has the authority to make decisions about the children’s health, schooling, and religion, and other critical child-rearing matters. For a Guilford parenting plan to be legally enforceable, a judge must review it to see if it is in the children’s best interests, complies with the law, and is appropriate under the circumstances.

Other matters the custody agreement may discuss include the pick-up and drop-off procedure for when it is the other parent’s time to spend with the children. For example, the parenting plan may say the parent is to pick up the children from school on a certain day of the week when it is that parent’s time with the children. The agreement may also address the process for how to resolve any conflict the parents may have over the terms of the arrangement or other issues concerning their relationship or the children.

How Can Someone Enforce or Change a Parenting Plan?

As time passes, it may become necessary to change the original parenting plan to fit the circumstances the parents and the children are in. For example, one parent may have gotten a new job that requires them to move, which impacts what school the children can go to. To request this change, the parents would need to return to court and ask the judge’s permission to modify the existing agreement.

The court may use the best interest of the children’s standard to decide whether the proposed adjustment to the parenting plan is appropriate under the circumstances. If one of the parents does not follow the parenting plan terms, an attorney in Guilford can help the other parent take legal action to enforce it.

Call a Guilford Attorney for Help Writing Parenting Plans

Parenting plans are essential guides for raising children after a divorce, separation, or other situation. Going through this process can be challenging without legal help, leaving you without the proper guidance about your rights and how to protect them. A skilled lawyer can prepare you for the proceeding and negotiate a reasonable parenting plan with the other party.

Our attorneys are well-versed in Connecticut child custody laws. We also have the training to navigate disputes and other struggles that may come up during these matters. Contact an attorney at our firm to schedule a consultation to learn about parenting plans in Guilford.

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