Mistakes to Avoid When Entering a Prenuptial Agreement in Hartford

Prenuptial agreements include stipulations that govern how assets will be owned and managed during a marriage and in the event of a dissolution. However, there are important mistakes to avoid when entering into a prenuptial agreement in Hartford so that it is considered legally valid in the eyes of the family court.

A skilled premarital contract attorney can help you to verify that you and the other party are both presenting the proper information to meet your goals and secure your future.

Circumstances that Could Void a Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial agreements will be voided if a party does not abide by the state family court’s regulations, especially if they are contrary to public policy. For example, if a prenuptial agreement has provisions that could leave one party destitute or without any source of support or assets, it is unlikely a court will deem it as valid.

Neglecting to Provide Full Financial Disclosure

A premarital agreement will also be voided if either party or both neglected to provide a full and frank financial disclosure as part of the drafting, review, and signing process. For a prenup to be valid, the law in Hartford and throughout the state requires the parties to provide a full financial disclosure to avoid the mistake of leaving relevant information out of the draft.

An individual should reach out to qualified legal counsel for assistance with this requirement.

A qualified attorney can assist you in providing a full financial disclosure and in drafting the prenuptial agreement. Having legal assistance can also help the individual determine whether additional financial discovery is warranted or desired to confirm the disclosed assets.

Signing Under Duress in Hartford

By law, both parties must sign a prenuptial contract willfully and voluntarily. If one party put the other under duress by pressuring or coercing them to sign the agreement, that mistake will give a Hartford court grounds to void the agreement.

If any of these conditions are present and proven, a judge will not enforce the agreement or may decide to only enforce certain provisions that they find to be consistent with public policy. Having a knowledgeable lawyer review the agreement can prevent an individual from drafting or signing a contract that may not meet the statutory or other legal standards needed to be seen as valid by a court.

A Hartford Attorney Can Help You Avoid Mistakes When Entering into a Prenuptial Agreement

Premarital agreements must follow complex regulations to be deemed legally valid. To confirm that the terms of the prenuptial agreement are in compliance with state law and understand the mistakes to avoid, consider seeking help from a Hartford lawyer right away. A skilled attorney can assist you in drafting an enforceable agreement, act as a mediator with the other party to verify it meets their stated needs and desires, and ensure the agreement is finalized properly. Call the office today to schedule a consultation and begin working toward your goals.

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