When a court in Connecticut issues a child custody order, the law considers it final. However, it is important to understand that you can modify or amend final orders. As the circumstances in your life change, it might be necessary to petition the court for modification of a child custody order. A skilled attorney can assist you with this process.

Any change to a custody agreement requires the approval of the court. While modification is possible, a judge will not change an existing order absent a substantial change in circumstances and a valid reason. A Milford child custody modification lawyer can help you meet the requirements set by the court.

Reasons for Modifying a Child Custody Order

There are countless reasons to seek a change in a child custody order. Circumstances can change in the lives of either parent or the minor child. These changes can make the current child custody order inadequate or even impossible to comply with.

Often, changes in the lives of one parent will result in a request for modification. When a parent has little to no access to their child, it is common for them to petition the court with evidence that they are ready to play a more significant part in the lives of their children.

Situations where changes in the child’s life might necessitate modification also occur. This is common in cases where a child requires additional medical or educational support or when one parent shows they are no longer capable of providing for the needs of the child.

Regardless of the reason for seeking modification of the child custody order, the court is not obligated to grant the requested changes. In order for the judge to agree to the adjustment, there must be evidence of a material change in circumstances, and that the adjustment is in the best interest of the child. This prevents parents from constantly seeking a change in the court order. An attorney in Milford can help a parent determine if their situation rises to the standard needed to obtain a change in custody.

What Does the Court Consider for Custody Adjustments?

The judge overseeing a child custody modification petition will not grant it on a whim. Instead, the court must consider several important factors when determining if a change is appropriate.

A judge must decide on a child custody modification request under the best interest of the child standard. This is the same standard used when the court initially determines a child custody order. A Milford attorney can make the case that a custody modification is in the child’s best interests.

Various factors go into determining a child’s best interests. Some of the most important things the court will take into account include the following:

  • The willingness of both parents to foster a relationship with the child
  • Past interactions between the child and their parents
  • The preferences of the parents
  • Any history of domestic abuse
  • The needs of the child

Ultimately, a judge can consider any factor they believe to be relevant to the child’s best interest. If the court determines that modifying the agreement is best for the child, they will issue an order amending the original order.

Call a Milford Child Custody Modification Attorney Today

The process of changing a child custody order is not always easy. However, it can be crucial for the health and development of your child. Let a Milford child custody modification lawyer help you pursue the best arrangement for your child. Call today to discuss your legal options.

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