New Haven Child Custody Enforcement Lawyer

Parents’ top priority is their children, so sharing custody of a child with an ex-spouse or partner may become stressful if there are disagreements about existing custody orders.

If your co-parent has not been abiding by the court orders, you may want to consider contacting a New Haven child custody enforcement lawyer. An experienced child custody attorney familiar with your situation can help you reach your goals and uphold your child’s and your rights through the process.

Breaking a Child Custody Agreement Order

When parents separate or divorce, they enter into a child custody agreement. These agreements can either be created during settlement negotiations during the dissolution or crafted by the court, if necessary.

Family courts will use a number of factors to determine whether custody agreements are in the best interest of the child, starting with the child’s safety and wellbeing, and it is expected that each parent will abide by the orders. However, if one parent does not follow the agreement, it is within the other parent’s rights to take steps to enforce it, or in some cases, hold the parent in contempt for their violation.

A qualified lawyer can help a parent file a motion with the court to enforce the child custody order or help them through the process of asking the New Haven court to hold the other parent in contempt.

What is Considered a Custody Agreement Violation in New Haven?

A family court may hold a parent in contempt of court for custody agreement violations under Connecticut General Statutes § 46b-87. Some common examples of how a parent may be violating their custody agreement include the following:

  • Failing to drop the child off with the other parent at the appropriate time
  • Making major decisions for the child without the other parent’s input, including decisions about education or religion
  • Relocating with the child without first modifying the custody agreement
  • Taking the child on a trip without permission from the other parent
  • Making disparaging remarks about the other parent to or while the child is present
  • Skipping or missing planned visits with the child

If the violations are properly documented and are either ongoing or severe, the parent committing the violation may face legal consequences, such as a contempt order, which may result in financial consequences. The court might also change the custody agreement, awarding one parent sole physical and/or legal custody.

There are some limits to how the court can change the custody agreement. For example, a parent cannot ask the court to force the other parent to visit if they are not doing so. However, they can ask the court to stop the visits.

An attorney experienced in this area of law can explain when and how a custody agreement can be enforced in New Haven, depending on the individual’s situation and the seriousness of the violations.

Contact a New Haven Child Custody Enforcement Attorney Right Away

If your co-parent is repeatedly or seriously violating your child custody agreement, it may be time to get an experienced local attorney involved. Even if you are just beginning to notice a pattern, such as missed or late drop-offs or missed visits, consulting legal counsel may help address those problems early.

A New Haven child custody enforcement lawyer can assist you in reporting the violations to the court and help you file a motion for contempt if necessary. Schedule an appointment today to have a dedicated advocate on your side through the process.

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