Stamford Mother’s Rights Lawyer

The nationwide push toward gender-neutral divorce and custody laws poses specific challenges for women. Mothers can no longer assume judges will grant them primary custody of their children or financial support if their marriage ends.

If you are being mistreated in your custody or family law dispute, turn to an experienced Stamford mother’s rights lawyer. A skilled family attorney will help ensure that your legal matter receives the attention and respect you and your family deserve.

A Mother’s Custody Concerns

Concerns about her children often compound the stress a mother experiences when going through a divorce. A local lawyer understands these concerns and regularly addresses all aspects of custody and divorce, including but not limited to:

Because judges can no longer favor mothers over fathers in custody disputes, they must decide these cases based on a child’s best interests. Further, a judge may grant joint custody unless a mother can show that equal parenting time with the father is not suitable for the child. A mother must prove awarding the co-parent physical custody would not be in the child’s best interest in order to achieve primary physical custody.

Although a father has equal custodial rights in family cases, a competent attorney in Stamford can stress the significant role a mother plays in her children’s lives and protect her rights and interests through the process.

Unmarried Mothers’ Rights in Stamford

Mothers are presumed their child’s sole legal and physical custodian unless a man establishes paternity. Therefore, a mother may make significant decisions about her child, including where they reside, attend school, and whether to raise them in a specific religion in the absence of an acknowledgment or establishment of paternity.

Paternity Disputes

If paternity is in dispute, a mother can file a paternity action in family court. Once paternity is established, a mother can request child support regardless of her marital status. A capable attorney can guide a mother through the paternity process and work to ensure she receives child support according to her rights pursuant to Stamford’s child support guidelines.

Mothers and Their Children Deserve a Safe Living Environment

Every mother has a right to be free from abuse and protect her child from family violence. A mother concerned for her child’s safety can request an Order of Protection and ask that the alleged abuser be prohibited from contacting her and her family.

To obtain an Order of Protection in Stamford, a mother should file a petition in the county where the violence occurred, where the offender lives, or where the woman last lived with the offender. An Order of Protection lasts between six months and one year. A seasoned attorney in the area can guide a party through obtaining protection and seek an extension of the order if her abuser continues to endanger her or her child’s safety.

Work with an Effective Stamford Mother’s Rights Attorney

Connecticut law is neutral regarding the rights of mothers and fathers in family law disputes. However, mothers still face complex legal hurdles in family court, particularly as fathers more aggressively assert their rights.

A dedicated Stamford mother’s rights lawyer is familiar with the legal matters relating to mothers and their children. Contact one of our legal team’s caring attorneys today to learn more about how we can defend your rights in family court.

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