The right attorney can help individuals navigate various legal issues related to family matters. Our team can assist with everything from preparing premarital agreements to distributing assets in a divorce. A dedicated legal representative can help you obtain child support, preserve your income and assets, and advocate for parental rights in custody negotiations.

If you are experiencing family conflict or wanting to guard against it, now is the time to seek guidance from a seasoned attorney. Whether you are facing a potential divorce or dealing with a custody dispute, a Milford family lawyer from our firm is here to help.

Types of Family Law Cases

There are many different areas where the guidance of a family attorney in Milford can be invaluable. A legal representative can assist with:


Divorce is a common issue dealt with by family law firms, and Connecticut allows for no-fault and fault-based marriage dissolutions. In a no-fault divorce, the couple must demonstrate the marriage is irreparable. This means they believe they cannot fix the marriage. No party needs to accept blame for the divorce in a no-fault case. Choosing a no-fault divorce can help reduce the time and money spent on litigation by eliminating the need to assign blame.

Child Support

In accordance with Connecticut law, both parents are responsible for monetarily supporting their children until they graduate from high school or reach 18, whichever occurs later. A variety of factors laid out in State guidelines determine the amount of child support a parent pays. However, a judge has the right to deviate from these guidelines when it benefits the child.

Child Custody

Child custody disputes can arise during divorce proceedings, but they also frequently involve two parents who have never been married. In either situation, a court will ultimately decide the custody rights of both parents by following the best interest of the child standard. Under this standard, the court will examine several factors to decide what custody agreement works best for a minor child. Some of those considerations include the parent’s earning capacity, their living arrangement, and any history of alcohol or drug abuse.

What to Look for in a Family Lawyer

Not every attorney is the same. While there are countless lawyers in Milford prepared to take on a family law case, it is important to select skilled legal counsel who will work hard and with integrity on your case. Connecticut law can be complex, making it vital to have a legal representative that is well-versed in resolving family disputes. Some of the factors to look for in a legal team include the following:

  • Compatible personality
  • Focus on family law
  • Experience with similar cases
  • Experience in local courtrooms
  • Effective communication
  • Clear fee structure

Every attorney approaches the practice of law differently. It is helpful to contact legal counsel to discuss these critical issues before making a final decision. An initial consultation is an opportunity to learn more about our firm.

Contact a Milford Family Attorney Today

Decisions involving marriage and children are complex and accompanied by serious legal implications. It is vital to seek the guidance of a Milford family lawyer when making family commitments or seeking to disentangle from them. To learn more about how we can help, consider reaching out to our firm as soon as possible.

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