The end of a marital union or relationship can be one of the most challenging periods of someone’s life. Despite the profound emotional, personal, and even physical impact this time can have, the reality of the situation can present even more hurdles when you share children with your former partner.

When you are a mother facing the breakdown of your marriage, you must ensure your rights and privileges are defended to the fullest extent of the law. A Milford mother’s rights lawyer can do just that. A family attorney with considerable experience handling cases of this nature can work diligently on your behalf and manage all the procedural and legal aspects of your case while working towards the most favorable result in the matter that puts the interests of your children first.

Types of Custody in Milford

Many parents reach custodial arrangements after first engaging in negotiations; where parents are unable to agree, the court decides the matter after a contested hearing. While years ago in Connecticut, there was a general preference for mothers to retain the primary custodial relationship with their children, this presumption no longer exists. Unless it would be unfeasible or otherwise against the child’s best interests, the courts look most favorably on parenting plans in which both parents remain actively engaged in their child’s life.

Commonly, this can take the form of parents sharing physical and legal custody of any children they have together. This means the child would split time residing with both parents, and both parents would be able to make appropriate decisions relating to the child’s welfare. Where shared physical custody is not feasible, parents may still have joint legal custody and thereby be expected to consult with one another on all major decisions impacting the child’s life.

However, the apportionment of legal and physical custody can take many different forms, and the court does not automatically presume the parents will share these custodial rights. As such, it is vital for mothers seeking to assert their parental rights to work with a Milford attorney who can negotiate a fair and equitable parenting plan that serves the child’s best interests, including matters about visitation and child support.

Factors that Impact Custody Determinations in Milford

A judge may look at many factors in assessing whether a proposed parenting plan ultimately meets the child’s best interests while not unduly depriving the mother or father of their rights. In some cases, the court may consider the personal inclinations of the child and the closeness of the relationship they share with their mother and father into the decision-making process.

The judge may also weigh other elements, such as the living situation of both parents, the likelihood of each parent being a continual participant in the child’s daily life, and how the apportionment of custodial rights could disrupt the child’s current routine. In addition, the court can consider any issues or allegations of abuse or circumstances that would otherwise endanger the child’s best interests. A mother’s rights lawyer in Milford can build a case that brings all relevant points to the forefront for the court’s consideration while pursuing a final parenting plan that demonstrates the most optimal outcome possible.

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You are already navigating significant life changes if you are facing the dissolution of your marriage or ending a relationship with a long-term partner. While this period can feel overwhelming, one of your key priorities should be to retain an attorney, as protecting your rights as a mother should never be a matter left to chance.

A Milford mother’s rights lawyer can be your constant and unwavering advocate at every step of your case, from negotiating with your former partner’s attorney to handling court filings to presenting a well-strategized case before the judge. Call now to set up your confidential legal consultation with our team.

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