Child support is intended to pay for the essential needs your child or children will encounter through their journey to adulthood. From food and clothing to education costs, the various expenditures that child support can cover are wide-ranging. However, a change of circumstances, either in the case of the child or one or both parents, can precipitate a change to an established child support order.

A Milford child support modification lawyer can help you understand your rights and options when responding to or filing a request for modification. A skilled attorney can offer the guidance and advocacy you need in modification matters, from negotiating with the other side to presenting your case before a judge if the matter proceeds to a contested trial.

Child Support Guidelines

Connecticut adheres to its own mathematical formula for calculating child support obligations. The integral components of this formula and the ultimate amount of child support assessed will come down to both parents’ net income and how many children they share.

In addition to a base weekly amount to cover the overhead costs of raising children, for example food, clothing, and housing, Connecticut’s child support guidelines also prescribe percentage splits of work related childcare and out-of-pocket medical expenses.

The custody agreement may also impact the distribution of the support obligation. This will determine how much time the child or children spends with each parent and the costs they may assume in the process. Furthermore, the court may also consider whether the child or children have specific needs, such as an ongoing health condition that would incur above-average healthcare costs. A Milford attorney can assist with all matters about child support, from setting up the initial agreement to modification or enforcement.

How to Modify Child Support

Once the court determines the child support amount, it legally binds both parents to ensure they fulfill their end of the agreement. If a change in the situation of either party or the children occurs, it may be possible to achieve a modification of the existing agreement. However, a change of circumstances does not automatically relieve either party of their duties under the current child support order, and neglecting to follow the order unless and until the court changes it can lead to severe legal and financial consequences, ranging from wage garnishment to jail time.

Typically, a parent can only modify a child support agreement in one of two cases. The first and most common is when a notable change in the underlying situation of either parent or the child has occurred since they entered the initial child support order. Otherwise, if a parent can show the child support order was not in compliance with the formula for Connecticut and not otherwise supportable as a deviation subject to one of the criteria outlined in the guidelines, this can also be a circumstance that could warrant a modification with which a Milford attorney can assist.

A common example of a situation that can lead to the modification of a child support order is a change in the job status of either parent. Likewise, a change in the child’s life, such as their schooling or healthcare, that will necessitate additional expenses can also lead to a request for modification. When the court modifies the accompanying custody order to change the child’s living situation with one or both parents, this can also warrant a change to the coinciding support order.

Speak with a Milford Child Support Modification Attorney

A Milford child support modification lawyer understands the specific legal circumstances that can warrant a request for modification and those that do not. Whatever side of a child support modification matter you find yourself on, having an attorney on your side who has extensive experience in the governing laws and court processes involved can give you your best chance at the most favorable outcome.

Our team can ensure your child’s interests remain at the forefront of the legal matter. Call now to schedule a time to speak with an attorney about your child support modification case.

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