Determining spousal support during a divorce is one of the most important and contentious issues couples face. Not only do courts have discretion when it comes to ordering alimony payments, but spouses rarely agree when it comes to paying support or how much to pay. Moreover, unlike child support, there are no state guidelines to determine how much a spouse is entitled to or how long payments should last.

A Southbury spousal support lawyer can provide crucial guidance to you. Awarding alimony in a divorce requires an assessment of the couple’s unique circumstances—including their education, earning potential, and contributions to the marriage. Reach out to our knowledgeable family attorneys to discuss spousal support in your divorce case.

Factors that Determine Spousal Support

Since alimony payments are subjective to each couple’s situation, Connecticut does not have a formula to establish how much should be paid. Instead, judges have the discretion to weigh various factors to determine the payment amount and length. Relevant factors for awarding spousal support include:

  • Financial needs
  • Income and assets
  • Length of marriage
  • Reasons for divorce
  • Contributions to the marriage
  • Age, health, education, occupation

An experienced Southbury attorney can help advocate for spousal support based on the unique circumstances of a specific marriage. Every couple is different, and there is no cut-and-paste approach to awarding alimony. Having the guidance of a well-practiced lawyer who understands this process can make all the difference during a divorce.

Types of Spousal Support Payments

In addition, the type of spousal support in a divorce case will depend on the couple’s needs. Generally, there are three types of alimony available in a divorce case:

Rehabilitative Alimony

This is spousal support given to an ex-spouse to become self-supporting through education and job training. It lasts for a limited time based on the rehabilitative goal to be achieved. For example, the alimony payments may last four years to give an ex-spouse time to attain a college degree.

Permanent Alimony

This type of alimony lasts for an indefinite period of time, usually until either the payor or payee passes away. Permanent spousal support is more unusual now than in the past. Usually, permanent alimony is a consideration in marriages of extremely long duration where the spouses have extremely different earning capacities.

Limited Duration Alimony

This type of spousal support is for a fixed period of time, and it is usually awarded for short-term help to supplement a spouse’s income during the divorce proceedings. Under certain circumstances, alimony for a specified term may be modified or terminated if the person receiving it begins to share housing with a new romantic partner.

Enforcement or Modification of an Alimony Order

A common reason to seek the assistance of a spousal support lawyer in Southbury is to enforce or modify a previously established alimony order. If the spouse responsible for making payments fails to comply with the agreed protocol, the receiving spouse can file a motion for contempt with the Connecticut family court. The person owed alimony can ask the judge to enforce the order by garnishing wages, tax refunds, and other methods.

When it comes to modifying a spousal support order, new relationships and shifting finances may persuade the court to revise alimony terms. Such circumstances include a subsequent marriage or cohabitation with another partner or if the judge finds that a substantial change in financial circumstances has occurred.

Talk to a Southbury Spousal Support Attorney About Your Rights

Whether you need assistance calculating spousal support payments or need help enforcing or modifying an existing order, a Southbury spousal support lawyer can provide the representation you need. Alimony payments are one of the most disputed issues in a divorce. As dedicated family law attorneys, we are here to advocate for you throughout the divorce process. Call today to discuss your case with one of our trusted legal professionals.

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