The Cost of a Child Custody Lawyer in Connecticut

Child custody cases have significant consequences for families. The choices you make regarding legal counsel can influence whether you will have rights to your child. When dealing with this type of dispute, it may be beneficial to work with a skilled child custody attorney.

You will likely have to pay for quality legal representation, but the exact cost of a child custody lawyer in Connecticut varies. Most custody attorneys charge an hourly rate, in addition to requiring that you pay a retainer fee before they take the case. It is crucial that you understand the expected payment structure when you hire an attorney.

Hourly Rates and Retainer Fees

A child custody lawyer’s cost ultimately depends on how much work will be required to resolve the case. Consequently, many attorneys charge an hourly fee. In Connecticut, this fee on average might be anywhere from $300 to $500. Attorneys bill their clients for the time they spend on any tasks associated with their case, including gathering and reviewing evidence, deposing witnesses, corresponding with the client and the opposing party.

Custody attorneys who use a retainer fee system typically request that money in advance. The retainer covers a certain period of time, and when that period ends, the client will need to pay a replenishment retainer. It is difficult to estimate the amount of money an individual will have to pay for a lawyer in Connecticut because every child custody case is different. However, parents should meet with their attorneys to discuss the specifics of their pricing structure.

What Types of Additional Costs are Associated with a Child Custody Case?

In addition to paying a child custody attorney’s hourly rate, there are certain court fees associated with pursuing a custody case. For example, you may need to pay filing fees and marshal fees for serving the initial paperwork and subpoenas.

Some child custody cases require doctors or therapists to provide their expert opinions on the case. In situations such as these, there will be expert fees. Additionally, if the judge orders you or your child to participate in therapy, you will have to pay for those sessions separately from legal fees.

Does the Outcome of the Case Impact the Price?

Child custody attorneys cannot guarantee the outcome of the case to the client. The judge is the ultimate arbiter. Based on the evidence presented, they will determine what type of custody to award each party. Thus, an unfavorable outcome in a child custody case will not result in decreased fees.

Finding the Right Custody Lawyer

Before hiring a custody attorney, it is best to schedule a consultation. Parents should ask questions about the lawyer’s experience and approach. If there is any doubt about whether hiring a certain attorney is the right choice, a consultation is a great place to determine whether that legal professional is well-suited for them.

Call to Learn about the Cost of the Child Custody Attorney in Connecticut

With something as important as a child custody case, it is understandable that you would want to know where your money is going. While we cannot give you an exact price, our legal team can help explain the factors that impact the cost of a child custody lawyer in Connecticut. Contact our firm today to schedule your initial consultation.

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