Forms of Child Custody in Hartford

Many moving parts come together to raise children, from taking them to school to giving them a roof over their heads and making their healthcare decisions. Connecticut law empowers parents to create a flexible yet structured custody plan that meets the needs of their specific situation. When you are involved in a custody case, a skilled attorney can help you determine your rights and how to shape a parenting plan.

Our knowledgeable lawyers can help you understand the different forms of child custody in Hartford. We assist parents in reaching an agreement that works best for all parties involved, especially the children. Our experienced attorneys are well-versed in custody laws and help parents understand and assert their rights to care for their children.

What Are Legal and Physical Custody?

In broad terms, legal custody is the authority to make important decisions about a child. For example, someone with legal custody may be in charge of signing school papers, being the contact person for the doctor, and deciding where the child will go to school. A parenting plan often addresses who has legal custody and what decisions one parent can and cannot make without talking to the other parent.

In contrast, physical custody refers to who the child stays with on a daily basis. For example, the child may remain with the parent who has primary physical custody of them when school is in session but visit the other parent on summer or spring breaks. Parents typically negotiate a schedule for who has physical custody of the child and when.

Hartford parents can share legal and physical custody in many ways, depending on what type of agreement works best in their situation. One parent may be the primary custodian, while both parents share legal custody in some way. In another case, one parent may have sole legal and physical custody rights while the other has visitation rights.

Joint Custody Versus Sole Custody

Under Connecticut law, the court can award one parent sole custody or award parents joint custody of the children. Sole (or full) custody is when one parent has primary decision-making responsibility (legal custody) of the children and is who the child stays with on a regular basis (physical custody). Depending on what the court deems best for the children, an order for sole custody may or may not allow the other parent to visit with the children.

In contrast, joint custody is when both parents share legal and physical custody of the children. The extent to which the parents share decision-making responsibilities and physical custody depends on what is best in that situation. For some parents, working with each other to make legal decisions about their children may be possible; this may not be the case for others.

Parents negotiate with each other to finalize a parenting plan that works best for both them and their children. The court reviews and approves the agreement based on the situation in that case, the applicable law, and what it sees as the children’s best interests. Our lawyers in Hartford equip parents with the knowledge they need to understand and negotiate the type of child custody agreement that fits their circumstances.

A Hartford Attorney Can Explain the Different Types of Child Custody

Connecticut law allows parents to create a parenting plan that most effectively serves the children’s best interests in that unique situation. Hiring an educated attorney may be best when you are negotiating child custody with the other parent. They have the tools necessary to assist you during the custody proceedings properly.

Our respected family law firm has helped many people successfully navigate child custody matters. We understand the struggles that many parents face during this process and are here to help alleviate their concerns. Contact a seasoned family lawyer today to schedule a consultation to talk about the many forms of child custody in Hartford.

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