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A variety of circumstances may warrant a change to a child’s living arrangements or a parent’s legal responsibilities. Whether attributable to medical, educational, professional or other personal changes, you may have grounds to alter your custody arrangement. When facing legal matters related to your children, it is advisable to consult with a skilled child custody attorney.

A Hartford child custody modification lawyer can handle every aspect of your case. From explaining your options for modifying a child custody order, helping you submit all necessary paperwork, and representing your best interests throughout the legal process, our team at Dolan Divorce Lawyers is here for you.

Understanding Child Custody Orders

After divorce proceedings, the court will determine the initial child custody order based on the child’s best interests and each parent’s circumstances. The custody order is then binding under the law.

When a person attempts to change a child custody order, they will be modifying two important aspects of a parent’s relationship to the child. This is because custody entails two main rights and responsibilities to the child:

  • Physical: A parent’s physical custody refers to their living arrangements. For instance, the child may currently live with only one parent or with both parents in separate households.
  • Legal: A parent’s legal custody refers to their rights and responsibilities to access information and make decisions with respect to their child’s wellbeing, including their health, education, and other legal matters.

Sometimes, parents can face challenges ensuring that both parties follow these custody orders appropriately. Whether or not a dispute has arisen over custody matters, one or both parents can take the necessary steps in court to modify the child custody order under the appropriate circumstances.

Changing Child Custody Orders in Connecticut

As mentioned previously, child custody orders issued following a divorce are legally binding unless and until a modification to those orders is issued by the court on account of a substantial change in circumstances. There are many examples of instances that may satisfy the court’s definition of material changes:

  • Primary custody changes that may require alterations in child support payments
  • A cross-country move by one parent
  • A major change in a child’s health or a parent’s health
  • A sudden change in a parent’s ability to take care of the child
  • The loss of a job by one or both parents, or another type of income change
  • Major changes to a parent’s work schedule
  • The child has emotional needs that one parent may be better able to meet

There are many other situations that may require a custody modification. Essentially, the court will evaluate whether the new circumstances materially affect the child. Then, they will consider how the child will be affected by the proposed custody modifications, and make a determination as to what is in their best interests.

In cases where a new arrangement better meets the child’s needs, an individual may make necessary custody changes. A custody modification attorney in Hartford can explain what may constitute a valid material change and how to proceed.

Steps to Take When Modifying Child Custody

To change a standing child custody order, a person can expect to follow these steps:

  • File a motion with the court, also known as a Motion for Modification
  • Serve the other parent the document along with a court Appearance Notice
  • Fill out Financial Affidavit forms to describe income, expenses, assets, and debts
  • Attend a hearing with a family law judge

The forms for Motion for Modification, Appearance Notice, and the Financial Affidavit can easily be found on the Connecticut Judicial Branch’s website. An individual should expect pay filing fees when submitting these forms and incur costs for having the other parent served.

Motion for Modification Hearing

To complete the process for custody modification, a person must appear for a court hearing and prepare and file all evidence they intend to present in support of their case. A knowledgeable child custody modification attorney can explain everything an individual will need to know to be prepared for the hearing.

Hartford Lawyers Can Help with Child Custody Changes

When a person faces major family changes and needs assistance with child custody, a family attorney is prepared to help. They can aid an individual in navigating the complexities of the court system and work to ensure that the best interests of the individual and their child are protected.

Additionally, a child custody modification lawyer in Hartford can provide the reassurance that you are taking the best possible steps for your child. Having a legal representative’s guidance throughout the entire process can offer the support you need as questions and complications arise.

Contact a Hartford Child Custody Modification Attorney Now

When your family is facing changes, you may be concerned for your child’s well-being. Dolan Divorce Lawyers understands that this may be a stressful time in your life. Our team of compassionate attorneys takes pride in being accessible and approachable for people who need help. A Hartford child custody modification lawyer can help you submit your claim and fight to protect your legal rights and those of your child. Call us today for your initial consultation.

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