When a divorce is in your future, advanced planning can pay substantial dividends later. When you and your spouse can compile the information you need to fairly divide your property, prepare to co-parent, and establish a means of communicating effectively, your divorce could be swift and relatively inexpensive. Preparing for a divorce also minimizes the disruption your children will experience.

Consult a local attorney about preparation for a divorce in Hartford. Our legal professionals can offer advice and recommendations to make the transition to single life as painless as possible.

Prior Agreement Eases the Process

Divorce is less expensive and usually easier on everyone when the couple plans their lives apart before they file for divorce. Couples who agree on all relevant issues before filing can seek an uncontested divorce, which a judge can grant in just a few weeks.

To obtain an uncontested divorce, a couple must file an executed divorce agreement, along with other legal pleadings. The agreement must explain how they plan to divide marital property and whether one spouse will receive ongoing financial support. When the couple has minor children, the petition must include a detailed co-parenting agreement.

Couples in Hartford who agree on major issues are wise to take extra time preparing before filing for divorce to work out the details and create a written agreement. An attorney can review an agreement before filing to ensure it meets legal requirements. Even if the attempt to reach written agreements on all issues fails, the couple will likely have fewer issues to resolve in a contested divorce process.

Clarify Financial Expectations

An uncontested divorce is not an option for many couples. However, the Hartford couple can make preparations to help the divorce proceed more smoothly and with less stress and rancor. Getting clear about finances is one such step.

Divorcing couples must make a complete financial disclosure to each other as part of the process. The disclosure must list all property titled in either party’s name, whether owned separately, jointly between the parties, or jointly with third parties, and include accurate valuations, and all liabilities. When the couple can agree on the extent of the marital property and its value before filing for a divorce, they can significantly reduce the time their attorneys must spend on the case.

Each spouse should have a sense of their post-divorce financial condition. Negotiations regarding property division and spousal support are more efficient when each party has a clear goal in mind.

Focus on Your Children’s Needs

When the divorcing couple in Hartford has minor children, preparing a parenting plan that ensures the children maintain relationships with both parents is critical. Children suffer when their parents separate, even when the parents behave responsibly and shield the children from their discord. When parents can establish a new routine before they file for divorce, children may have an easier time adjusting.

A parenting plan must address where the children will live, how the parents will divide parenting time, and if one or both parents will have decision-making authority. The court generally favors plans that allow each parent significant time with the children and shared decision-making authority when the parents can do so effectively and responsibly. Connecticut General Statutes § 46b-56a requires a judge to approve a parenting plan and ensure it promotes the children’s best interests.

When the parents cannot communicate effectively or emotions are running too high for constructive conversations, working with a mediator can be effective. In addition, divorcing parents must complete a co-parenting class. Doing so early in the process might help parents develop an effective parenting plan that prioritizes the children.

Consult a Hartford Attorney When Preparing to Divorce in Hartford

A divorce is complicated emotionally and financially. Planning ahead can reduce some of the stress by establishing realistic expectations and minimizing disruptions.

A local attorney can guide your preparation for divorce in Hartford. Schedule a consultation as soon as you decide to dissolve your marriage.

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