Hartford Post-Divorce Disputes Lawyer

In many cases, when a marriage has ended in a divorce, the couple can part ways for good. However, issues sometimes arise after finalizing the divorce that require further litigation.

Consulting a Hartford post-divorce disputes lawyer may be beneficial if you need to modify or enforce a divorce judgment. An experienced divorce attorney can explain your legal options and diligently work toward successfully resolving the dispute.

Common Post-Divorce Disputes in Hartford

Often, unanticipated changes in either party’s financial situation or their child’s life necessities a modification of the divorce decree. Some of the more common post-divorce disputes heard in family courts include:

  • A parent’s income increases substantially
  • A child’s medical condition results in increased out-of-pocket costs
  • A parent loses a job
  • A child’s disability requires specialized education
  • A parent wants to relocate out-of-state
  • One parent refuses to comply with the court-ordered marital property division
  • Changes in a parent’s circumstances

When these and similar circumstances arise, some provisions within the parties’ divorce decree may no longer meet their family’s needs. A hardworking Hartford attorney can assess the post-divorce disputes and the parties’ circumstances to determine if it is necessary to modify or enforce the divorce terms.

Effectively Resolving Post-Divorce Disputes

Some issues arise after a divorce because one party refuses to comply with the divorce decree. Others may also be due to unexpected changes in a party’s finances or living circumstances, not through either party’s fault. The nature of conflict often dictates a party’s legal options.

Modifying a Divorce Decree

When a party’s circumstances change substantially after a divorce, often the only practical solution is to modify the divorce judgment. While the legal process of changing divorce terms may be relatively straightforward, it can still be emotionally and financially challenging.

Generally, there is no strict time limit on when a party can request a modification. However, specific divorce terms cannot be changed after a period of time, and some cannot be altered at all. Accordingly, if an individual is facing post-divorce disputes, it is best to work with a skilled Hartford lawyer to determine whether it is possible to modify the divorce judgment.

Holding a Party in Contempt of Court

In some post-divorce disputes, it is unnecessary to modify a divorce decree. Instead, a party must seek to enforce the divorce decree. When one individual stops paying child support or refuses to sell a family home pursuant to the terms of their divorce, the other party may have no choice other than to ask a court to hold them in contempt.

Family court judges have broad authority to hold parties responsible for their noncompliance with a court order. Someone who continuously refuses to adhere to the divorce terms may face substantial fines and court sanctions. Under Connecticut General Statutes §51-33, a judge can even incarcerate the non-compliant ex-spouse for up to six months.

While modification proceedings and contempt cases can be challenging, they are effective ways to address disputes after a divorce. A capable local attorney can further explain these legal options and help individuals determine the best option for their circumstances.

Seek the Guidance of a Hartford Post-Divorce Disputes Lawyer

While your divorce may be final, issues still may arise. Spousal support, property division, or child support issues can arise months or even years after a divorce is finalized.

If you are involved in a conflict with your former spouse, reach out to speak with a seasoned Hartford post-divorce disputes lawyer today. A member of our dedicated team can help you face these challenges and resolve them favorably.

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