Guilford Divorce Mediation Lawyer

Going through a divorce is a difficult emotional process, though it can be made easier if you can resolve your issues outside of court. Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution where two parties seek to reach an amicable agreement without court intervention.

A Guilford divorce mediation lawyer can serve as a neutral party during negotiations with your spouse. By working with a trustworthy divorce attorney, you can make sure your rights are respected. If you are seeking an amicable and fair resolution of your case, reach out to a legal professional as soon as possible.

Benefits of Mediation During a Divorce

Mediation comes with many benefits, such as fewer court costs, faster results, and less emotional trauma for children.

Saving Money Through Mediation

When two spouses attempt mediation as opposed to handling their divorce exclusively through litigation, they can save money. There are many costs associated with a lengthy court process, including filing fees, expert fees, discovery costs, and attorney’s fees. If two parties can resolve at least some of their issues through mediation, it can save them money.

Quicker Resolution

Divorce mediation can serve as a great alternative to going to court and having a judge decide the matter. Because each party is working cooperatively to settle their issues, the process is often much faster than handling a case through litigation alone.

Peaceful Environment for Children

Divorce can be a traumatic experience for children, especially if they are young. Parents who do not want to involve their kids in the contentious court process might agree to resolve their issues without litigation. Mediation can prevent some of the heated custody battles and give children much-needed peace during a stressful time.

Additionally, mediation gives parents more control over the outcome of the divorce in terms of custody, visitation, and child support arrangements. Divorcing spouses in Guilford should speak to an attorney to learn how mediation can be useful in their specific situation.

The Mediation Process in Guilford

The mediation process can be straightforward if the divorcing spouses are willing to work together. In partnership with both parties, the local attorney prepares the Court documents, including the Summons and Complaint wherein one spouse is designated as the plaintiff and the other as the defendant.

In a typical divorce, after the Summons and Complaint are prepared, they are served on the defendant. However, if the parties are negotiating outside of court, the parties can sign a waiver of the service requirement, thereby forgoing the need for a state marshal to serve the divorce papers.

After a couple has resolved all issues in the marital dissolution, the mediator will draft an agreement reflecting their wishes. This document is the separation agreement. Once the parties have submitted this, a judge holds a brief hearing to review the agreement and make sure each party understands its terms. An attorney in Guilford can inform divorcing spouses of the laws governing these contracts to ensure the agreement drafted during mediation is enforceable.

A Guilford Divorce Mediation Attorney Can Help You

When choosing mediation, it is crucial to have a legal professional guide you through the process. A Guilford divorce mediation lawyer can help preserve your rights and reach a mutually beneficial agreement. Contact us today for help achieving a fair outcome for you and your spouse.

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