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Divorce has developed a reputation of disputes and litigation, but there are many divorcing couples who are able to resolve their differences amicably. When both parties agree on significant issues, such as property division and child custody, an experienced divorce attorney can assist them with quickly dissolving their marriage. A Guilford collaborative divorce lawyer can explain your options and help simplify your separation.

The Nature of Collaborative Divorce

The purpose of a collaborative divorce is to dissolve the marriage with little court intervention—this is possible even if the two parties have not reached an agreement on every issue in their case. A collaborative divorce generally involves both individuals coming to terms on the larger issues of the separation outside of the court process. These meetings occur before a petition is ever filed, especially when a Guilford attorney is on an individual’s side to assist and negotiate the terms of the collaborative divorce with the other party.

Reaching an agreement with each other is important, but it is also imperative to remember that the court has the final say. This is especially true when it comes to issues regarding child custody and visitation, as the court is bound to act in the child’s best interests.

What are the Benefits of Collaborative Separation?

There are multiple benefits that come with a collaborative divorce. First, when the two parties work together, they reduce conflict, which makes it easier to remain amicable in the future. This is especially helpful in cases where former spouses share children together.

Lower Costs

The financial cost of a collaborative divorce is typically much less than a contested divorce. Without the need for hearings and trials in a contested divorce, the parties dodge many of the legal fees by using the collaborative divorce process. This approach also drastically speeds up the process. By settling most major issues ahead of time, collaborative divorce can shave months or even years off of the standard timeline.

Reduces Unexpected Outcomes

Collaborative divorce can also reduce uncertainty. While family courts have the final say on how assets are divided, judges typically follow the wishes of the parties when they reach a negotiated settlement. This means that the chances of an unexpected outcome in asset division or spousal support determinations are much less likely.

Divorce Decrees are Final in Guilford

Once the court finalizes the divorce decree, both parties must abide by the order. Making any modifications to the order requires a Court order. Modifying an order once it is finalized can be difficult. A lawyer in Guilford can help ensure the terms of a collaborative divorce are fair for both parties before the order is finalized.

Contact a Guilford Collaborative Divorce Attorney Today

Collaborative divorce can help you simplify the process and save you from extensive legal fees. If you are unsure if this method is right for your situation, reach out to an attorney to discuss your options right away.

Attorneys at our firm are here to answer your questions and help you avoid contested disputes. To learn more, contact a Guilford collaborative divorce lawyer today.

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