The aftermath of a divorce can be hard to handle. No matter the circumstances, disputes after divorce proceedings can be uncomfortable. You may be frustrated that finalizing your divorce did not resolve the problems.

An attorney in Guilford can help you address issues after a divorce. A seasoned divorce attorney can handle the often-tedious tasks of filing for contempt or modification. Call today to take the stress of an argument out of your life.

Legal Steps Following a Divorce

Once a court approves a divorce agreement, the parties must take several steps to effectuate the division of assets and debts laid out in the divorce judgment. Often, former spouses must divide retirement accounts, joint bank accounts, and joint credit cards. If one party is retaining a house, the other party should file any necessary documents on the land records to transfer their interest in the property.

Where applicable, the parties need to update their last will since a divorce constitutes a substantial change in circumstances that could invalidate it or, if necessary, effectuate any testamentary provisions in the divorce judgment. A person should also review estate planning documents with an attorney to ensure they align with any changes from divorce proceedings. Updating any of these documents can help an individual in Guilford avoid issues after a divorce.

Disputes After a Divorce

A delay or failure to pay child support or alimony, transfer retirement assets, or abide by a parenting plan may cause disputes following a divorce. An attorney can file a motion for contempt requesting the court force a violating party to comply with an order. A court can punish the other party by holding them in contempt, which can result in financial penalties, and in extreme cases, jail time.

Employment changes can lead to issues surrounding alimony and child support payments. The parties can modify an agreement through a court when these changes occur. Parenting plans can also be a point of contention after a divorce. When one party moves far from the other, a parenting plan may no longer be feasible. Generally, a parenting plan that begins when the children are 5 years old may not be realistic when the same children are 10 or 12.

Reaching out to a lawyer after a dispute arises can allow a legal representative to help the party enforce or change an agreement. Even when the parties decide to move forward with an agreement, a legal team can file any changes with the court to make the new terms enforceable. If the parties do not file verbal and written agreements, a court cannot enforce them later. An attorney in Guilford understands how to settle any issues after a divorce efficiently and effectively.

Post-Divorce Modifications

When faced with a change of circumstances that make current orders untenable, an individual and their legal advocate can file a motion for modification with the court. Common reasons for seeking a modification include changes in incomes or needs that then necessitate an increase or decrease in alimony or child support payments. People also use this process for parenting plan changes. A court cannot modify a parenting plan if it is not in the children’s best interest.

A legal representative will ensure that a modification is appropriately filed so that a court can legally enforce a change. A lawyer in Guilford can draft an agreement between parties and file it with the court to resolve any further dilemmas that arise after a divorce.

Let an Attorney Help You Resolve Issues After a Divorce in Guilford

Following the terms of an order is the best option after a divorce. When problems arise regarding the agreement, you should consult with a legal advocate about modifying those provisions. Updating an agreement to align with your current circumstances can reduce difficulties in the future. Get in touch with our firm when you need help resolving issues after a divorce in Guilford.

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