Whether you are facing major or minor disagreements, it is vital to have the right legal counsel during your divorce. The outcome of your divorce case can impact your life in countless ways, including the custody of your children and the security of your financial future. A dedicated attorney can help you protect your rights during a contested divorce.

If you are considering divorce, there is a possibility that the process will be challenging. That does not mean it will be impossible for you to secure a fair outcome in your case. A Guilford contested divorce lawyer can guide you through the process when your marriage breaks down.

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce

In Connecticut, divorces are either contested or uncontested. While this is not a formal distinction, divorces are contested when the parties cannot agree on every major issue in the case. A lawyer in Guilford can help resolve disputes and pursue a fair outcome in a contested divorce.

There are different reasons why a divorce might become contested. Often, these disputes stem from financial or custody issues. If the spouses are not on the same page about property division, litigation could ensue. The issue of spousal support also frequently results in conflict.  When a couple cannot agree on a parenting plan for their minor child, a court must step in to decide these issues.

The Contested Divorce Process

The same legal requirements for divorce are present whether the process is contested or not. Before litigation can proceed, the person filing for divorce must comply with Connecticut residency requirements. Under the law, one or both spouses must have lived in the state for at least 12 months before the court can grant a divorce.

Connecticut is a no-fault divorce state. That means when a person files for divorce, they do not have to list a reason for the marriage breakdown, although there are a number of fault-based reasons that can be selected, including infidelity or abandonment.

The party filing for divorce must serve a copy of the complaint on their spouse. State marshals handle this process, but it is possible for the court to agree to service by certified mail for out-of-state spouses. A seasoned contested divorce attorney in Guilford can ensure that a person fulfills the notice requirements.

How an Attorney Can Help

Emotions can quickly take over in contested divorce cases. The issues disputed in these cases are important, especially when minor children are involved. A Guilford lawyer can help simplify the contested divorce process by avoiding delays and resolving disputes.

When a divorce case goes to trial, there is a level of uncertainty that is unavoidable. A judge will ultimately split marital assets and award child custody. While an attorney cannot guarantee a favorable outcome, they can work tirelessly to increase the likelihood of securing the desired result.

Call a Guilford Contested Divorce Attorney Today

If you are facing a potentially contested divorce, it is crucial to seek legal counsel right away. You can find yourself at a significant disadvantage if your spouse has legal counsel and you do not. A Guilford contested divorce lawyer can serve as your advocate during this difficult phase of your life. Reach out right away to learn how your rights can be protected during your divorce.

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