Once your marriage has broken down and you have made the decision to get a divorce, you might want it done immediately. Unfortunately, legally untangling the marital relationship often takes some time.

To ensure a quickest possible divorce it is important to avoid unnecessary delay due to preventable errors or oversights. One way of assuring the process goes as swiftly and smoothly as possible is to work with a seasoned divorce attorney.

The length of a divorce in Guilford depends on which of the three divorce procedures the couple chooses. A local legal professional can explain the risks and benefits of each method and give you an estimated timeframe for the divorce based on the anticipated facts of your case.

Simpler Means Faster

The fewer issues the couple must resolve, the quicker the divorce can proceed. When couples have complex finances or share minor children and disagree about custody arrangements or child support, dissolving the marriage will take longer.

Some couples might qualify for the non-adversarial divorce procedure. However, non-adversarial divorce is an option only if a couple:

  • Has been married for less than nine years
  • Does not have minor children together, and neither spouse is pregnant
  • Has combined assets valued at less than $80,000
  • Has no interests in real estate, separately or as a couple
  • Is not in open bankruptcy proceedings
  • Does not have an active order of protection or restraining order between them

Couples who do not qualify for a non-adversarial divorce can speed up the divorce process by working to form a marital dissolution agreement before filing divorce papers. Expending effort early on to reach agreements enables the couple to retain control over the content of the divorce decree and the length of the process in Guilford.

Uncontested Divorce is a Relatively Quick Option

When spouses agree on all the legal issues the divorce must resolve—property division, alimony, child custody, and child support—the couple can file for an uncontested divorce. The couple must put their understanding in a marital settlement agreement and file it with the divorce complaint seeking an uncontested divorce.

A judge will review the documents and decide whether the agreement is fair and equitable. If the couple has children, the judge will scrutinize the parenting plan and child support arrangements to ensure they support the children’s best interests. A Guilford couple with children seeking an uncontested divorce is wise to seek guidance from a local attorney regarding their parenting plan.

The court will schedule a hearing and grant a divorce if the agreements pass legal muster. The date for the hearing must be at least 90 days after the return date, but depending on the court’s docket, the length of most uncontested divorces in Guilford is 90-150 days.

Contested Divorces Can Be Lengthy

A couple in conflict about property division, alimony, or arrangements regarding children must file for a contested divorce. The length of the contested divorce process in Guilford is mainly in the hands of the couple.

Spouses willing to communicate and compromise might settle their divorce within a few months. If one spouse is determined to “win” every point or is focused on vengeance, the process can drag on for many months. If the couple cites one of the fault-based grounds for divorce listed in Connecticut General Statutes §46b-40, the process will likely take longer.

High net-worth couples and couples with complex finances are likely to have a slower-moving divorce even if they are cooperative and desire a speedy resolution. Their attorneys must verify their holdings, debts, and sources of income, which requires time and expertise. The spouses can speed up the process by being transparent and providing all relevant information immediately without waiting for the other side to ask.

Prepare for the Length of a Divorce in Guilford with an Attorney

The speed of your divorce is partially within your control. If you and your spouse agree about financial matters and issues regarding children, you can get an uncontested divorce within a few months. Even if you do not agree on everything before filing divorce papers, you can move the process along by citing no-fault grounds and maintaining a cooperative attitude and desire to communicate effectively with your spouse.

One way to stall your divorce is to omit essential documents from your filing or file agreements that do not pass a judge’s scrutiny. Working with a skilled legal team offers greater control over the length of a divorce in Guilford by ensuring correct filings and support to make legally acceptable agreements. Schedule a consultation as soon as you decide to divorce.

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