While many couples hope for a smooth divorce that avoids drawn-out litigation, the reality for some is a contested divorce process. A breakdown of a marriage is contested when the couple cannot resolve one or more major issues amicably. When a divorce is contested, seeking legal counsel from a skilled attorney is vital.

We are ready to help guide you through all the stages of your contested divorce process, from discovery and negotiation, to litigation and trial. A Milford contested divorce lawyer can protect your rights as you navigate through this life-changing process.

Common Issues in Contested Divorces

Numerous factors can lead to a contested divorce. Even a single disagreement over a significant issue will make it necessary for the courts to intervene. It is common for spouses in contested divorces to initially disagree about numerous issues. Some of the legal issues that frequently result in contested divorces include the following:

The prospect of a contested divorce can be overwhelming for many people. The important thing is to focus on the possibilities the future holds. A contested divorce attorney in Milford can help make the dissolution of your marriage as smooth as possible. This can give you the opportunity to focus on the next stage of your life.

How Long Will a Contested Divorce Take?

One of the downsides of a contested divorce is that it can take much longer than uncontested proceedings, as the process of resolving issues through litigation takes time. The length of a contested divorce will depend on the complexity of the issues in dispute, discovery timetables, and the court’s schedule.

While the court will not allow a case to remain active on its docket indefinitely, there are no definitive rules governing the timetable of a case. Connecticut law sets a ninety-day mandatory waiting period before a judge can issue a divorce decree; however, a divorce can be issued quicker if the parties jointly petition the court to waive the waiting period or one party seeks a default judgment after the other party’s failure to respond within thirty days of the case’s return date.

The reality for most couples involved in a contested divorce is that the process will take longer than even the ninety-day waiting period. Both sides have the right to seek and complete discovery, which involves exchanging financial and other documentation to ensure full and complete disclosure of all relevant information. Once discovery is complete, parties can engage in negotiations to settle the divorce, and if that fails, the information exchanged forms the evidence to use at the contested divorce trial. In some cases, contested divorces can drag on for years. Our firm is ready to help you avoid delays and move your divorce case forward.

Call a Milford Contested Divorce Attorney Right Away

You deserve an attorney that is not afraid to advocate for your best interests. When you go through a contested divorce, the guidance of your legal counsel can ensure your rights are protected. Let a Milford contested divorce lawyer serve as your advocate during this challenging point in your life. Reach out right now for a confidential consultation.

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