While in an ideal world, the signing of a divorce agreement would resolve all issues relating to a couple’s marriage, oftentimes competing interpretations of the divorce decree, dissatisfaction with the original provisions, or substantial changes in circumstances can lead to new issues.

When facing a post-divorce dispute with your former spouse, you should discuss your legal options with a seasoned divorce attorney. A Milford post-divorce disputes lawyer can evaluate your situation and identify the best legal strategy to pursue the most favorable outcome.

Frequent Post-Divorce Disputes

Post-divorce disputes can arise at any point following the entry of the divorce judgment. When this happens, you should consult with a legal team with a range of experience resolving and litigating post-divorce dispute matters as soon as possible. Whether resolving these issues through negotiation, or litigation, a skilled post-divorce disputes attorney in Milford can assist.

The most common post-divorce dispute matters involve child custody, visitation, alimony, child support, and property. Post-divorce arguments involving child custody arrangements are common, such as when one party fails to follow the parenting time schedule or seeks to modify the existing order. Likewise, failing to pay court-ordered child support or pursuing a change to the amount may necessitate the initiation of a post-judgment proceeding. In some cases, it may even become apparent after a couple enters the final divorce decree that one person shielded certain assets or liabilities during the proceedings, which would require a motion to open on the basis of fraud or mistake of fact.

Resolving Disputes that Arise After Divorce

Depending on the issue at hand, a Milford divorce attorney can assist you in pursuing a modification of one or more aspects of the original divorce decree. For instance, when the divorced parties share children, and a significant change in one party’s circumstances has occurred, they may seek to modify the custody arrangement or support amount to accommodate that change.

In other situations, filing a motion for contempt in a post-divorce disagreement may be necessary. This commonly occurs when a person fails to uphold their child custody or child support obligations. Should the court determine the person is in contempt,  the judge then has the discretion to assess penalties,  which can include back payments for child support and attorney fees, as well as more severe outcomes, such as fines, property or other asset liens, wage garnishment, and even jail time.

Resolving post-divorce arguments entirely outside of the courtroom is also possible. Working with an attorney who is both a practiced negotiator and an aggressive advocate becomes essential. A legal representative understands the ins and outs of the legal system, the specific tactics to deploy in such disputes, and the most powerful strategies to seek the most effective resolution.

Reach Out to a Milford Post-Divorce Disputes Attorney

Working with a Milford post-divorce disputes lawyer is the safest way to protect your rights and obtain a favorable resolution. Contact our office today to arrange your consultation.

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