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If you experienced a significant change in circumstances after your divorce was finalized, you can request a modification to the judgment. With the help of a seasoned divorce attorney, you can file a motion to modify an existing agreement regarding alimony, child support, or custody.

Speak with a New Haven post-divorce disputes lawyer to learn more about this process and determine if you have a valid case. Call us today to get in touch with a legal professional who can assist you in gathering evidence and presenting your argument to the judge.

Common Causes of Post-Divorce Disputes

Changes in one party’s living conditions or financial situation are some of the most common causes of post-divorce disputes. Former spouses might also run into disagreements if one party fails to adhere to child custody and visitation agreements or provide their required financial support.

Changes in Employment

A change in employment can have a significant impact on one party’s finances that may warrant a modification to a previous court judgment. For example, if one party was employed at the time of the divorce but later lost their job, they may be unable to continue making child support or alimony payments. In this situation, that person can seek permission from the court to modify those payment amounts to better represent their current financial circumstances.

Moving Out of the State

Moving out of state can affect a divorce agreement when children are involved. The parent attempting to move would have to file a motion to relocate. The court must then grant them permission to remove the minor children from the state where the other parent resides. If both parties can agree on one party moving out of state with the minor children, then there is no need to file a post-judgment motion to relocate.

Failure to Adhere to Agreements Concerning Marital Property

Many financial disputes stem from shared property such as the marital home. For example, if one party failed to refinance the mortgage of a home to remove the other person’s name, there may be cause for legal action. A skilled lawyer with experience handling post-divorce disputes can help former spouses file a motion to modify the court’s initial judgment.

Post-Judgment Modifications in a Divorce

A post-divorce modification, also known as a post-judgment modification, is a request to alter or modify a provision in a divorce agreement or judgment. These motions may be filed as a result of a dispute between former spouses or an administrative error, such as an improper address listed on divorce paperwork.

Filing a post-judgment modification with the court can make the changed order enforceable to the other party. It is best to work with an attorney to draft a post-divorce modification to ensure the paperwork is completed properly.

Filing a Post-Divorce Modification in New Haven

After drafting the post-divorce modification with a lawyer, former spouses can file the motion with the court. A court date would then be assigned and the other spouse would be served with the motion.

Typically, the assigned court date is within a couple of months of the filing, and both parties would appear to resolve the motion. A local attorney can represent those who have filed or received a motion for post-divorce modification.

Reach out to a New Haven Post-Divorce Disputes Attorney Today

Former spouses should seek legal counsel as soon as they notice issues with the practicality of their divorce agreement. An attorney can help you determine if a modification is feasible and assist you with drafting and filing a motion. Get in touch with a New Haven post-divorce disputes lawyer today to discuss your potential case.

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