Length of a Divorce in New Haven

Divorce can be a lengthy process when two spouses disagree on issues such as the division of assets or child custody. In highly contested cases, it could take up to a year to reach a resolution.

Working with a skilled divorce attorney can help you efficiently resolve your case. Reach out to a lawyer today to learn more about the length of a divorce in New Haven.

Requirements for Residing in the State

Couples seeking to end their marriage in New Haven must live in the area. At least one spouse must have resided in the state for at least 12 months prior to filing for divorce. However, if neither party meets this requirement, the court can still exercise jurisdiction in certain circumstances.

When the breakdown of the marriage occurs following a recent move to Connecticut, spouses may file for divorce in state courts. Alternatively, if one party was a resident of Connecticut at the time of the marriage and has subsequently moved back with the intent to permanently reside in the state, they may file in local courts. An attorney can provide more information about the length of residency required to file for divorce.

Statutory Waiting Period in New Haven

After filing for divorce, the statutory waiting period begins. This 90-day period must expire before two spouses can begin the pre-trial process or schedule a court date. Many people use this time to prepare a financial affidavit and begin the discovery process.

If both parties wish to proceed with the divorce quickly, they may sign a waiver and request that a judge enter the dissolution judgment in advance of the expiration of the statutory waiting period. A divorce lawyer can help individuals obtain a dissolution decree before the end of the statutory waiting period.

Common Factors That Affect the Length of a Divorce

If two parties agree on all aspects of a divorce, they may come to a resolution quickly. However, spouses often disagree on many issues. Disputes concerning the following subject matters may affect the length of the marital dissolution process:

The complexity of the parties’ assets may also impact the length of a case. For example, spouses with stocks, mutual funds, or a shared business will likely need more time to work out the division of assets. Additionally, parents with many children or young kids may require additional time to develop a proposed childcare plan.

If two parties can come to a resolution on these issues quickly, the court can enter a final divorce decree shortly after the statutory waiting period. Spouses who cannot reach a solution will go to trial. Marital dissolution trials can take up to a year from the date of filing to be scheduled, though it may be faster if spouses retain legal counsel familiar with the laws governing divorce.

Speak to an Attorney About the Length of a Divorce in New Haven

Ending your marriage does not have to be a drawn-out process. Our team at Dolan Divorce Lawyers has the experience and resources necessary to help spouses efficiently navigate dissolution proceedings and end their marriage in a timely manner. Call us today to discuss the length of a divorce in New Haven.

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