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Many people assume that the breakdown of a marriage is certain to be lengthy, dramatic, and expensive. The reality is that this process can look very different with the help of a Stamford collaborative divorce lawyer.

Collaborative divorce is a streamlined process where both parties work together to amicably bring their marriage to an end. For this process to work, both parties must go into the divorce in good faith and with full disclosure. A dedicated divorce attorney can assist you through the process and advise you on your options.

Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce

There are numerous reasons to consider a collaborative divorce over a traditional separation. Collaborative divorce does not involve unnecessary risks of taking the divorce to trial, especially when an individual is working with a Stamford attorney assisting them along the way.

Collaborative Divorces are Private

Avoiding contentious courtroom battles is a primary benefit of approaching a marriage dissolution in this manner. By working together to resolve conflicts outside of the courtroom, individuals can protect their privacy and shield their children from the stress and strain of the process.

Litigating a divorce in open court can result in both sides airing grievances in a public record. By resolving issues behind closed doors, it may be possible to avoid having these details released to the public.


Collaborative divorce cases are typically resolved much faster and without nearly as many mandatory court appearances. The shorter the case is and the fewer contested hearings a local attorney must appear for, the less a divorce is likely to cost. This is true in terms of both time and money.

Securing the benefits of collaborative divorce may not be possible for everyone. Parties who disagree on important issues like child support or property distribution may not be able to amicably reach an agreement. However, a lawyer in Stamford who is well-versed in collaborative divorce law can help to resolve these issues and address any conflicts that may arise.

Why Full Disclosure is Crucial in Stamford

During the separation process, each party must agree to fully disclose their financial circumstances. Without full disclosure, it is not possible for both sides to reach a settlement in good faith. Hiding assets may result in an unfair outcome that can lead the other individual to seek modifications to the divorce decree. This is also true for disclosing debt obligations.

The disclosure process begins with a full accounting of each party’s income. This income includes all money coming to either party monthly beyond just a paycheck—payments from pensions or other forms of deferred compensation are also considered. Each party is also required to provide details of any retirement accounts or other investments.

Contact a Stamford Collaborative Divorce Attorney Right Away

Going through a divorce does not have to be a financially and emotionally taxing experience. If your spouse is willing to amicably negotiate your separation, collaborative divorce may be in your best interests.

If you have questions about the collaborative separation process, a member of our team can assist you. Call for an initial consultation with a Stamford collaborative divorce lawyer right away.

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